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When Karma Comes Knocking

Sticks and Stones May Break Her Bones, But Words Will Get You Killed
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As an overweight child, Vanessa “Hannah” Hatty was always teased for her plus-size figure, and because of that, she wasn’t much of a social butterfly. With only Paige Jackson as a friend, she couldn’t help but worship the ground she walked on. She was Vanessa’s idol, but it turned out that Paige wasn’t exactly the best friend Vanessa pitched her to be. Being bullied and teased by her peers was what Vanessa was used to, but nothing could prepare her for when Paige completely destroyed her. Vanessa’s mother, deeming the environment unsafe for her little girl, enrolled her into charter school. Three years passed and Vanessa was back in Mayville, and she was not the same Fatty Hatty. She was different both mentally and physically—to a point where she was unrecognizable. When Vanessa was suddenly invited into Paige’s glorified clique of friends, Vanessa realized that unlike her, everything was still the same. No one seemed to be burdened by the fact that they ruined a poor girl’s life and put her through so much. But not for long. Like a wolf in sheepskin, she would strike when they least expected it, proving sticks and stones may break her bones, but words will get you killed. And it didn’t just stop at Paige. The list expanded from the group of girls by her side to every single person who had done her wrong as Fatty Hatty. But is revenge really the right way to go, especially when karma is already involved? Messing with the balance of high school could lead to very bloody consequences.

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