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Death Will Wait

  • Also available as: Dust Jacket Hardcover
  • Published: July 2001
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 495
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781401010133
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This is a novel to nourish the lust for conspiratorial explanations for most unexplainable notable occurrences inGovernment.  

The story is structured for the reader from imagination and of course personal experience.  

The struggle is between a feigned historical foundation for a conspiracy alluded to as the Illuminare`.  The Illuminare`are families of disposed Kings who have sought to control the world based on what they feel is their divine right to do so.  They are apolitical tightly knit families, no more than six to each continent, who patiently and doggedly build their power base.  The counter force, within the structure of the Republic is a generational defense structure, arising when the United States Navy brought the United States to International prominence as a Naval power.  Naval Intelligence Covert Operations, NICOPS, are to act as a counterbalance to any threat to the Republic from the enemy within and the enemy without. Diabolical, sophisticated artful deception is the ongoing engine of shrewd quid pro quo between the two entities.  

The story at first deals with the life of a young Neurosurgeon.  Thomas Rutherford See, Jr., who having previously served as a designated NICOP, suddenly, many years after the fact, finds himself the object of the shrewd quid pro quo.  The antagonist in the story, the Illuminare`, having secured secret military identification files, now seek revenge by destroying Doctor See and others.

Unique cell identifiable, vacuole implant, ordnance and mind control through fission fusion circuitry brain implants are counter measures depicted.  How power and control are denied by the ongoing continuum of military and civilian patriots is the central plot, for death will wait. The threads of patriotism, romance, intrigue, murder and deceit are used and bring into focus the extent of the power of the Illuminare` in government. Discovery and exposure of these forces for good is inevitable, and the extent of Illuminare` presence and power in the Presidency and Congress itself poses the conflict between those who would control by power and fear and those that would govern by the democratic process.  Freedom is not to stand alone, naked and defenseless.  Rather, those who will rise to defend her at any price are revealed but her defense is not without a price.

Eventually necessity gives birth to a new covert force necessitated by previous discovery and exposure by the enemy within the Executive and Legislative branches of government.  An extensive national political

collaboration evolves to elect a patriot to the Presidency and patriot Warriors to Congress, thereby aborting the clear and present danger to the Republic by cleansing these branches of government of their traitors without civil unrest.

The threads of patriotism, romance, intrigue, murder and deceit are at first tangled, then intertwined, so as to prepare the reader’s imagination for the shocking and emotionally wretched ending.  Yet, the vulnerability and sacrifices of military forces, clearly defines them as patriot warriors destined for Valhalla.

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