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The Doorway

  • Also available as: Dust Jacket Hardcover
  • Published: February 2002
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 382
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781401024895
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As I write and upload two books, which began as one, I am camped out on a remote coast line, in a totally secluded area near South Point, Hawaii, the southernmost point of the islands, and the exact spot, I recently found out, where the first Polynesians arrived hundreds of years ago. I did not know this upon getting here, but was most likely drawn somehow to the same type of intense spiritual energy that drew me to Jerusalem, where monotheistic religion first began thousands of years ago. This  editing and uploading process has dragged on for over a month, and at moments, I am overcome by distractions, flying helicopters, nearby boats, and other demons. I’m stuck in a doorway once again, in a year which has been a doorway for all of humanity, camped out in the middle of nowhere with a 45 day food supply, tent, jeep, laptop and solar panels.

Doorways are dangerous, but also a  potential for rebirth. Every moment is a new world, when we choose to either be reborn, or die. Doorways, for humans, create intense charges of non-tangible energy. They are the bridge between worlds, where potential is transformed into kinetic physical or perceived reality. Borders, birthdays, days, weeks, years. The residual energy transcends time, and ultimately defines our very existence as humans. Births, death, entrances, exits- these moments define our lives. And beware of predators at each doorway who feed off our potential and dreams. “Please remove all metallic items you may be carrying,” says the guard at the metal detector to Neo, in the Matrix. But Neo blasts through the doorway with machine guns blazing. . . and ultimately becomes immortal. If we can transcend the barriers of time and space, and all the perceived needs and demons of our physical worlds. . if we can realize that nothing in fact exists, except for awareness/love/truth, and our souls. . than we can fly freely through this doorway we call life, and achieve immortality in the process.

The Doorway is an ongoing project, and more recent writing can be found here: http://DoubleMirrors.com/journal .

There is also an ongoing music project, which mirrors this work. To hear The Doorway soundtrack, please visit:


The Doorway

The Doorway  - 1997 –2000 - the infinite regression continues.

A Doorway is where the finite borders with infinite. . . . The finite begins with doorway, and ends at a doorway where  all reverts to the infinite (birth death, origin of universe etc).

The Doorway is the illusionary boundary we place between various spiritual exchanges. Doorways are used to mark levels of accepted interaction. Multiple doorways and planes can serve to deflect or protect against energy we are trying to avoid. . .

In and out of Doorways is the sexual language we comprehend as human animals manifested in spiritual terms. We are self aware spiritual creatures, functioning in the sex based world of highly evolved biological animals.

Is God a man or a woman? Neither God is what happens when the two unite.

But what is it about the doorway that is so basic to human emotion?

The doorway itself alludes to and even mimics our double mirrors with it’s parallel door posts. Every doorway therefore amplifies our self reflection. Every room with parallel walls amplifies the energy of our spirits. This is in parts why a room has so much spiritual potential . . .and why the outdoors has so much freedom- freedom from all dormant energy that resides in all but un-entered rooms. Stay in a single room in Jerusalem for a year or so and you will see the meaning of life. Homes become so laden with human emotion as more timeless energy is accumulated within their doorways.

Our architecture is a statement of our humanity- revolving doors or thin glass doorways in offices

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