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Evolution or Creation?

A Comparison of the Arguments - Second Edition
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Have you ever wondered how the universe originated or whether the universe always existed? Have you ever wondered how life began on earth? Have you ever heard others discuss origins but felt unable to contribute to the conversation? Would you like to defend your views but feel unequipped or inadequate to do so? Are you unsure about what to believe? Would you like to learn more about the subject of origins? If so, this book will be a help to you.

The subject of evolution and creation often causes much contention and controversy. The question that may be asked is, “Why is there so much tension and animosity between those who hold to opposing views regarding the subject of origins?” Others may ask, “What do those of opposing views base their beliefs upon? Is there any reconciling of the different views? The differences, I believe, in part are due to one’s perceptions regarding science and theology.

This book is not about Christians versus atheists. This book is more about creation versus evolution than about Creationism versus Evolutionism. This book is about comparing various views, opinions and evidence related to evolution and creation. Some of the information being presented may be new to you and may take some time to digest.

Evolutionists generally view creation in the same way that creationists generally view evolution. Opposing views are rarely taken seriously, as they are a contradiction to one’s own bias. Whatever your current views are regarding the origins of the universe and life or level of knowledge of origins, this book is about considering various sides of the issue of evolution. In this book we will be comparing the evidence and arguments and then weighing the pros and cons in an attempt to determine the validity of each view. You will, however, be left to make your own decisions about each subject that is presented. This book may either strengthen your current views of origins or may cause you to re-think what you currently believe about origins.

Whatever your views are regarding the origins of the universe and life, this book is about considering various sides of the issue of evolution. In this book the evidence and arguments will be presented for the reader to determine the validity of each view. Subjects such as: the origin of the universe, the age of the universe, the fossil evidence, the possibilities of a global flood, the origins of life, Stanley Miller’s Experiment of 1953, the fossils in the strata of the earth, the components of evolution (Natural Selection, Adaptation, Mutations, Speciation, and Genetic Drift), Punctuated Equilibrium, Haeckel’s Embryos and Recapitulation, Vestiges, Pseudogenes, Biological Complexity and Intelligent Design, Comparing biological similarities and differences between Chimpanzee and human genome, Comparing the Human and Ape Fossil Evidence, will be examined.

Multiple top resources of various professions have been included in this book to provide information on the many different subjects discussed. Although this book is an in-depth study of evolution, it was written on the level so that the average teenager or adult will be able to understand what is being presented. Difficult words and terms are explained so that you will not need to consult a dictionary every time an unknown word or term appears. I attempted to present the subject matter on a level that most people will be able to easily understand. The various views and arguments are presented in a manner similar to having a debate.

The aim of this book is to help either strengthen your current views of origins or cause you to re-think what you currently believe. It is hoped that at least you will develop a better appreciation for the opposing views and will better understand why those who believe in the opposing views believe as they do.

I sincerely hope that this book will be beneficial to you whether you are se

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