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33 1/3 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner

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If you´ve always wanted to have a fun life full of great experiences and serendipitous events, then you´ll want to read chapter 11 in this book!

What if there was a simple, straight-forward life formula you could follow that might improve your health, wealth and relationships right away?

This information is a secret held by only a tiny percentage of our population.  No it´s not necessarily known by the rich and famous, but rather by people who have much more: A blissful life full of an abundance of fine things.

You can be one of them too!  Read the book, 33 1/3 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner by David Jurewicz, right away.

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P.S. There´s a lot more in this book:

  • Use these two powerful laws to move things in your direction FASTER...Page 27
  • How to double your reading speed forever in just a few hours!...Page 57
  • An age-defying eating plan that can boost your immune system for better health...Page 71
  • The little-known actions you can take right now to become a great public speaker...Page 52
  • How to stay married a long time...Page 69
  • The shortcut to great wealth...Page 94
  • How keeping track of things can explode your personal production at home and work...Page 85
  • The ONE thing you´re probably doing right now that´s holding you back from great success...Page 54
  • The fastest way to a six-figure income without a college education!...Page 38
  • Going to school?  Get educated faster so you´ll make more money sooner...Page 60
Plus a lot more.

Ovations for this great book:

"Very well written and easy to read.  Great advice that can be used by anyone, no matter what their profession. Good job, David" - Roger Carignan, Executive

"David is one of the great motivators I´ve known in my life.  Spending time, or a chapter, with David stimulates you to go out and accomplish your goals.  His energy, curiosity and zest for life is sure to rub off on you." -  Kristi Garrett, author and businesswoman.

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