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In God's Love

  • Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: March 2010
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 769
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781450026895
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In God´s Love contains all 532 passages that were revealed to me. The passages of In God’s Love contain wisdom, truth, knowledge, challenges and, most importantly, love. Some of the themes of In God´s Love are God, the universe, creation, freewill, suffering, Satan, morality, Jesus, prayer, wealth, sexuality, death, hell, heaven, the messengers and their mission. This is just a little taste of what In God´s Love says about these topics. What does In God´s Love say about God? “His nature is kind and gentle. Look at a flower. Turn it in your hand. How does it feel? Is it soft, velvety and rich in color? How does that fragile petal make you feel? God´s nature is like that. He is as gentle as the soft petal from the flower you are holding in your hand. He is such a delight and so much more. Your God is an awesome Being. His merriment is beyond what any creation has ever known.” “God shall nourish the spirit and satisfy the thirst of the soul. All else is in vain.” “His beauty is all beauty. His love is all love. His life is all life.” “Have you heard the most wonderful music on Earth? Mmm. Hold your baby with love and tenderness. God’s love is like this, only a zillion of times more intensified. This is what it’s all about.” “God loves you all.” “In His creation is the most wicked sinner, whom no man, in his pain, could forgive. This sinner cried out to God with a contrite and loving heart. In this cry, compassion and mercy bore his spirit up to God forever.” What does In God’s Love say about the universe? “Signs of life are in the Heavens beyond your sun and there is a Creator who is your God.” “Can these little ones God has made be all? Look at the heavens at night. Has God made all this for no reason? A God who has a reason for everything? Such wonders are very real . . . Right and strong are many worlds and many people.” What does In God’s Love say about Creation? “Without God, creation would not exist . . . This is the Spirit of all life. He is why things are.” “He chose you to be His adopted child. What a marvelous gift. Blessings of life are sent to you from God . . . He chose you because He wanted you. He wanted you to live forever and share in His gifts and mysteries of eternal life.” “Earth people could have roamed the Earth as senseless as the wild boar. On Earth, animals are made for mankind. This is a God who honored you and made you human instead of a wild dog that roams the forest in search of prey. What a gift. He made you human. He chose you to share in His delights forever.” “God made mankind and gave him/her a mind, a consciousness, a reality. God made mankind and woke His creation up.” What does In God’s Love say about our freewill? “Make your choice. Will you choose an eternity of happiness, or will you choose an eternity of pain? Select. Make your decision. Spirit of truth and love or spirit of deception and hate.” “Bitter is the cup set before the wicked. Would you drink from such a bitter chalice when the sweet wine is passed? Would you choose the bitter? This is foolish. Such is the wickedness of man. The wise choose the sweet wine which is the chalice of God and the saints. Such a blessed cup. Wise are all who drink from the chalice of the Lamb and do not pass it up. In this is wisdom.” What does In God’s Love say about suffering? “While you wait, much suffering is relieved by your words to God.” “Wisdom is sent to small ones who suffer in Earth´s toil. Suffering is soon gone, and then you see that sorrow is virtue’s child perfecting the souls of man. Is sorrow a saint in God´s Spirit? Why is she working in God´s Spirit? God doesn´t want beings to suffer. Then why is this spirit in God´s plans? Suffering is not virtue’s reason. Virtue is inscribed in the beginning. Sorrow is not inscribed in the beginning. Sorrow wages war against mankind. In this, is it understood. She chastises while men journey on Earth. Such sorrow cleanses saints of Earth. Sorrow detests that her spirit is used in God´s plans. In spi

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