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Faer Dreams

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Lamerion was a land tended by the six Goddesses that watched over the balance of life on the once fair and fertile realm. The three races of Faer that shared Lamerion with the animals and the plants and the waters had both aided and hindered the Goddesses’ tasks yet life had thrived for millions of years on the fair Lamerion. Then the realm had seen the first signs of the evil that would soon gain too great a hold on the land to be banished with ease. Wingless Dragons given the name of Bekchers had nested in the far north and within weeks had destroyed all life from the Suveyus Sea to the Onoik Mountains. Only the arrival of larger and fiercer winged Dragons had prevented the destruction of the entire realm. Three unique races of Goblins had appeared nearly eight hundred years later seemingly without warning. The evil beasts threatened all forms of life that made Lamerion their home as they grew in numbers and spread quickly over the land. The six Goddesses had watched with grief as their precious charge had quickly succumbed to the evil that now raped the land. For nearly a century They could only watch and try to renew as the Goblins’ destruction spread like fire over the land that They nurtured. Then Trolls had appeared in the far south and the lesser Goddesses had pleaded with the greatest to intervene before all was lost yet They had been forced to wait until Lady Weling would declare it time to act. They had waited until long after the birth of the Feenin Fae that would change the course of Lamerion forever. Evil had never before dwelt within the heart of any Fae yet in Lord Jolten a darkness seethed that rivaled that of the Goblins and the Bekchers and the Trolls. A threat now existed on Lamerion worse than anything that the realm had seen before and Lady Weling finally assented to aiding the Faer in a way that They never had before, in the only way that They could.

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