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More Treasure Stories and Folklore of the Caballo Mountains

  • Published: August 2011
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 118
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781465348661
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T his is the forth book by William White and deals with treasure hunting lore and the a ctual treasure hunters who still walk the upper reaches of the fabled Caballo Mountains. This will be the last book dedicated exclusively to this Mountain Range. There will be other stories no doubt, but not enough to fill a complete volume with. William is a treasure hunter first, and a writer second, and because of this, most of his stories come from actual treasure hunting experiences. This book was designed to finish off most of the untold stories that abound here. It would be pure conceit to assert that all the treasure stories about the Caballo Mountains are now committed to print. This is simply not true and William would agree that these tales represent only those stories that he is aware of. His style of writing is both entertaining and informative in such a manner that one could easily relate to his experiences. This is another book that will be difficult to put down once one has started reading it. William is humbled by the fact that so many people enjoy reading his books and says that it fuels the fires of creative energy that causes him to continue his work. The reader will find this an honest book with no punches pulled for the sake of someone’s feelings. It is uniquely William White and I can almost hear him telling the stories as I read them in print.

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