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Live the flying adventures of Shawn Crawford and J. Huner King as they go forward and backward in time

to assist famous characters, such as Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., who is rescued just before his bomber explodes

during World War II.  Join Timothy O'Hara, F-35 Fighter Pilot as he partners with Crawford and King in 

overcoming enemy combatants, in the air and on the ground.  Meet the Entity's Children, Christopher and 

Colette, given to Shawn and his Wife Christine for the purpose of watching over their earthly parents as one 

crisis after another unfolds.  Experience Christopher's ability to bring individuals back to life so that they may

continue their life's journey of realizing the greatness that will serve to benefit all mankind.


Shawn Crawford serves as the Protector of the weak and those in need of saving from life's adversity.  Fly with 

him in the ultra-modern fighter aircraft, such as the F-98A Stingray, never before seen by members of the 

United States Military, as he takes on King Charles of France during medieval times.  And finally, watch how

Shawn and Admiral King save the English Queen and her subjects from nefarious spies planning to employ

a nuclear device.


The Entity's Chosen is packed with excitement and action that will cause you to wonder what lies around the

next adventurous corner.   Enjoy the Moment!

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