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Desperate Situation

Broken of Distinguished Insanity
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Based on actual events, Casey plots to murder her husband, a soldier, for more than insurance money with the help of family. Fighting for his life, Thomas battles the relentless hatred of not only a black widow woman, but also a hidden family of black widows. What other hidden secrets could be lye inside the belly of the beast? Action packed, this story, based on actual events will make it all too difficult to put this book down aside from turning your stomach upside down over its remarkable content. For generations, women have been depicted as a delicate flower, incapable of equaling a man’s strong, secure, outer structure a woman’s desires. Fast forwarding into the modern age, the feminist movement have campaigned for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women's suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, all of which fall under the label of feminism. Now pushing for financial, social and cultural inequalities, men are still being subjected to the already well-known power women have had and harnessed for centuries. Over these centuries women have still maintained their focus on women's reproductive rights. Short of what this project is all about. I am focusing this campaign on what effects a man’s outer glass shell, broken repeatedly as a result of unseen, unheard, or ignored pleas for equivalent laws that dramatically effect what happens to the male during divorce, domestic violence, abandonment of the male figure, and affecting the very core of his inner soul. As times change, little do the laws or the acknowledgement of men who are now coming forward with their own stories of sexual, verbal, emotional, and in many cases physical abuse by women, who remain the “innocent ones.” At the present time we are in post-production of the full-feature film based off this novel. Published in 2012, I feel this would be another amazing speaking point to those around the world who choose a visual experience over reading.

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