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I’ve Been Good So Far

  • Also available as: E-Book, Dust Jacket Hardcover
  • Published: March 2013
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 295
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781483602189
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I’ve been good so far is a compelling insight into the life of a child born with disabilities and her family. Flossie as she is affectionately called, was not diagnosed as having Organic Brain Damage until she was three years of age. From the moment Flossie was born her life has been a struggle, including rejection by some of her own family. Flossie is now a woman. Instead of the struggles in her life becoming less, they have increased as her life has gone on. She has lived her entire life trying to find a peaceful home free from mistreatment and punishment. When Flossie was thirteen years of age, her mother made the heart breaking decision to place her into full time care. She believed Flossie would be able to live a more fulfilling life living in care, than she could ever give her. It never turned out that way. Flossie never seemed to fit in at every residential care place she was moved to, and nobody wanted to find out why or help her. She was moved from house to house until her problems all came to a head. In 1997 the management of the house where she was living tried to throw her out when her mother was overseas. Flossie’s mother stood up to defend her, and in the process discovered 300 pages of the cruelty and punishment the staff had subjected Flossie to. They never believed anyone would ever read Flossie’s file and had been unguarded with their sometime sadistic comments about her, and their explanation of their unjust treatment of her. But that wasn’t the end of Flossie’s misery. The problems of her being mistreated have continued in every house she has ever lived in including the one where she currently resides. I’ve been good so far is what Flossie says every time she fears she is going to be punished. It is her defense mechanism. She is hoping she will be told she has been good and no punishment will follow. Sadly the mistreatment she has been subjected to in her life, has come from some of the very people employed to care for her. Flossie has complex behaviour and several disabilities. It was discovered when she was in her thirties that she has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It placed a new light on why she always appeared unable to adapt to change. But Flossie is a beautiful forgiving person. She always comes bounding through any door beaming and excited. She loves to meet people and is like a social butterfly when she meets anyone new. She loves nothing more than to be taken out for a coffee and a meal, and has contributed to the community with her yearly charity collection for the Royal Children’s Hospital. She is an inspirational human being who has overcome many challenges. Despite all Flossie has endured, she has emerged with her beautiful childish innocence intact, and a wonderful dry humour that can bring a smile to the darkest face. This is a true story. Walk the path with Flossie and her family. See the strength of the human spirit of Flossie and the determination of her mother, who proudly and defiantly refuses to allow her daughter to be treated differently, just because she is disabled. The determination of Flossie’s mother to seek the best outcome for her daughter has often put her at odds with people, from her family to the welfare department. She remains undaunted by the challenge. It is a powerful story of love, innocence, sacrifice, dedication, and devotion, but most of all it is story of hope. You will be moved to question; what would I do if this story happened to my family?

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