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You may think that today’s digital technology obsession has made radio obsolete. Radio, however, remains to be an influential advertising medium that you can tap into to attract more readers.

Radio is a smart choice if you want to engage with your potential readers. As the earliest mobile medium, radio is accessible at home, at work, in the car, and almost anywhere, allowing you to reach more consumers. Radio stations’ varied formats and programs also give you the option to have your radio commercial played to a specific audience. Moreover, unlike print ads, radio puts you on the front page every time your advert plays. Listeners don’t have to turn the pages to come across your advertisement.

Quite a number of Australians still tune in to radio. In fact, Australians consume an average of 3 hours 20 minutes of audio everyday. Moreover, heavy consumers of radio in the country are reportedly under 25. They listen to radio across many platforms with 1 out of 5 listening all platforms each week.1

Take the opportunity to soar through Australia’s airwaves and reach more readers for your self-published book on radio stations across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth with the Xlibris Radio Advertising Australia Wide service.

Introduce your book to a wider audience and get these benefits:

  • Script creation and production of a 30-second radio commercial, recording using a professional voiceover and stock background music
  • One-week campaign with a minimum of 20 airings on pre-determined radio stations across major cities in Australia
  • BookMad feature

If you want to broaden your campaign, we offer the option to extend airing for an additional one (1) week. Contact your Marketing Consultant to find out more about this option:

Radio Advertising Australia Wide - Additional Week (AUD 4,999)

An additional 1-week campaign with a minimum of 20 airings on pre-determined radio stations across major cities in Australia


After the commercial is produced, you may still request the following revisions free of charge:

  • Changes to audio levels
  • Changes to production music

Any revisions that involve voice recording will cost $720.

Note: Because of the dynamic airing schedules of radio stations, the turnaround time for this service is 90 business days.

1Source: Radio Alive, 'Share of Audio 2017', 'Radio Insights 2017'

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