Full Colour Packages

From children's books to cookbooks, family photo albums to corporate materials, graphic novels to catalogues–the possibilities are limitless. With six complete Full Colour Packages to choose from, Xlibris makes your decision to publish easy and straightforward.

By publishing your full colour book through Xlibris, you are choosing the world's most affordable and convenient route to achieving first-rate digital colour publication. Once your book is published, it is available to readers and booksellers worldwide in a beautiful, full colour edition and you receive a royalty on each copy purchased by your audience.

Full Colour Basic

This service is the simplest and most affordable route to full-colour publication. But don’t confuse simplicity with sacrifice—each feature has been carefully designed to maximize its overall value while providing you with a high level of flexibility and support. This package provides you with a straightforward submission process and standard image treatment and layout.

Full Colour Professional

Focus on image enhancements within the framework of a standard design.

Full Colour Custom

This is an ideal package for the author who has a clear artistic vision of the way his or her book should be presented.

Full Colour Premium

Premium service, premium value. This package provides all the elements of Custom, plus everything you need to design, distribute, and market the book you envision. It is the perfect choice for authors who want to deliver a fully customised quality book to the marketplace.

Full Colour Executive

Enjoy full customisation, more marketing materials, and a veritable buffet of publishing options.

Full Colour Paramount

Appease the stickler in you with a diverse assortment of publishing and marketing services that will surely meet your discriminating taste.