Diary of My Past Lives

(short stories)

by Svetlana Miskovic



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/17/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 111
ISBN : 9781441508485

About the Book

Diaries of My Past Lives - Is a collection of short stories inspired by the events from the author’s life. They are easily recognized as hospital stories, war related stories, stories from the North and others. Growing up under specific circumstances she has been watching the world under a microscope of her own. So as much as the stories are related to factual events they are, in fact, fiction. One of her significant inspirations is based on letters. Her family and friends have been scattered all over the world and for that reason it became a tradition in her family life to write letters. Using a narrative form, this author speaks about the texture of life and in life, relating to myth and poetics and colors of art as well. Her hospital stories have a specific implication of how woman’s life is affected by brutal treatment and still unsuccessful medicine to find a cure for cancer. English language is author’s second language and that makes her writing complex, long and slow process. Her continual sentence polishing and search for adequate wording that corresponds to her native language is an ongoing process. Her major critic is her common-law husband. He is also her editor. His criticism has been an important help by insisting on precision and by that helping her to distance herself from the work and review the work anew. Each story implies a metaphor left for the readers to discover and reflect upon. Experience conveyed in the work hopefully will stir readers’ emotions and reflection about their own mosaic of events.

About the Author

Svetlana Miskovic - lives in Windsor, Ontario. She writes poetry and short stories. She graduated from Concordia University with an M.A. in Art Education. She hosted CJAM with poetry and short stories. She was a Fulbright scholar. She is a member of Ontario Poetry Society, and WINK, a local group. Born nine months before WWII started she has been struggling with cancer and is considered a survivor. She has published a book of poetry “Between Time & Space - Love Poems”