Between Two Cultures

The House of Horror

by Evelyn Lumme



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/19/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 78
ISBN : 9781664104297

About the Book

This book is fiction story of a mother and father who had four children in which three eldest was not loved by their parents, the two older children were adopted out to foster home. The child called Samantha ( short ) Sam which decided to let all people know what she has gone through similar events in their lives are not alone hoping by reading this book will help ease the pain and anxiety that Sam has gone through, at times she thought she was alone but always looking forwards and praying to god for guidance Sam somehow came through the end. Sam still bears the scare till the day she die, she was fed up with her life been treated as if nobody cares about her, at the age of fifty she decided to change her life for the good and went on a love chat site on the internet, in which Sam was talking to many people in different countries and found a man called Kevin which seemed to be the outstanding person. Kevin and Sam had a lot in common, as there both love cats dogs and all animals, birthdays were close this was the person she can spend her life with, over time Sam was convinced it was time for her to save money the travel to Australia. Sam was working in England as a cleaner once she had the money Sam bought an airline ticket to Australia, she had to hide everything from her husband and drive to the London Airport where she left her son Frankie behind with his girlfriend. All she could think of was leaving all her problems behind and start what Sam was hoping of a new life in Australia with the man that loves her with all his heart and soul , as she Love him the same. This was the best decision in her whole life, as she never been happier in her Life. As they drive around parts of Brisbane in her heart she feel the Beauty of her new country and home, Sam love for Australia her new home for good. Sam keep in touch with family in England through live chat, and sends our icons back to England and Canada which there all enjoys, Sam and Kevin got married. Kevin with plenty of love has helped ease the pain and new country with plenty to do and see.

About the Author

This book love, drama is to tell how the author lived a similar life, between two world like Sam who had to face many challenges in her Life. It is difficult to believe that this could happen to a person life, as you read through the book you will be able the get the feeling of how life can be very tough with parents that did not care about their siblings. Sam has decided to tell her story with great pain and her horrible thoughts, many tears were in her eyes, as it came out of her memory , as her father is an Canadian in which he has dark skin, Sam has brown skin this is where some people cannot accept, this is where bulling came into her life. She had to keep looking ahead, hoping and praying to god for some guidance to help her overcome these problems, sometimes she felt she was all alone, she did find some children accepted her as she was. When she turned big fifty she though she needed to change her life and went on the internet on a chat line and came across Kevin after been on chat line for one year, he seemed to be the man for her [ love of my life ] once she was in Australia things became more stable in her life. Sam has settled well in her new country which she calls home, as she moves around this beautiful country called Australia she is enjoying every minute of it. Kevin has one outstanding friend that has helped us through the journey in Australia we can always ring him for advice.