by Sean Deram



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/07/2024

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9798369424711
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9798369424728

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About the Author

Sean Deram (Bakhsh) was born in a very talanted and artistic families in Tehran capital of Persia on July 13th 1950, his father was a top rank army colonel, movie producer and film maker, his brothers Q and Kambiz were very successful documentary movie maker and Kambiz very important cartoonist they both were very well known around the world. And also Sean’s sister Kimia ownes and operates a very prominent art gallery by the name of Nicolas Flamel in Paris, France, in 1971 Sean obtained his higth school diploma at age of 19 and the he moved to Europe for further educations in 1973. At age 23 he enrolled at one of the English art school in London, England for two years, and then in 1975 he moved to Manchester and enrolled at North Trafford College of Technology and after 4 years studing very hard he managed to obtain his degree in S.I.A.D. and he officially became member of Society of Industrial of Art and Design in 1980, Sean moved to Paris, France in order to be reunited with his family as well as achieving further education and career goals. Sean on his early arrival in Paris he immiditly enrolled at private institute of art at Montparnsse to study and learn the way of Europen paintings as well as their methods, techniqus and their special tricks they used in their extraordinary art works and their fantastic paintings he then vigorusly focused and concentrated on style of impressonism by going and spending countless times to varaity of very important art galleris and promient museums in Franc like Picasso, Dorsay and Museum of Louver he studied, monitored and paid a great deal of close attentions to the details of master’s work like Vincent Van Goug, Edward Mont, Pissaro, Toulos Lotric, Paul Gauguin and many more. Sean in 1983 said goodbye to Franc and decided to move to California for good, that’s where he has been resindng and working for the last 40 years. Sean has always been striving to reach a goal thought hard work he never gives up and always pushes up forward and deter mine to success and other crafts and advantageous of life has to offer. It is intresting to pounder Sean sudden decision to turn to painting in spit of the popularity and succsses he alway had initialy in architectural, interior, exterior, graphics and fashion. Perhas it was Sean’s burning desire and love, passion he always had and showed for paintings since he was a kid. But he has been using all previous educations and knowlege like architectural, perspectives, and graphics methods and techniques towards all of his vivacious and magical paintings. Sean’s paitings on many levels are creative. Imagination with great vision ond originality which he has carfully utilized and executed style of miniaturization with difficulty and precision in most of his fairy tales paintings in order to achieve more detailes and more actions. Sean’s painting are glorious, magical, political, erotic and fairy tales. Sean has alway been mesmerized and facinated with story of Native Americans & indigenous people’s since childhood, that’s why Sean decided to submit and creative a glorious and magical book on Native Americans in his own fasinating way. Sean has portrayed Native American in his paintings refineds, cultivated emphasizes harmony with natures very skillfull hunters with kind and respects and endurane of suffering, respect and non interference toward others lived in organized societies with political beliefs and adapted to the particular environment in which they lived