Ingram Supplement Marketing - Holiday Gift Book


With the Ingram Supplement – Holiday Gift Book service, you get the the opportunity to share your book with an abundance of booksellers, libraries, and independent specialty bookstores interested in your book’s genre.

Your book will be featured alongside titles of the same genre in a supplement that covers specific interests or themes, which will be sent to Ingram’s extensive database of retailers and librarians.

Launch a widespread promotional campaign through this supplement. The print edition is sent to 7,000 retailers, while its e-catalogue is sent to 29,000 subscribers.

Please take note:

  1. This service is only available to books that are title live and returnable. If your book isn’t able to meet the necessary requirements to fulfill the service, we will move fulfillment to the following year (on the next publication of the appropriate Supplement).
  2. Xlibris NZ reserves the right to refuse a listing if the book genre does not match the theme for a particular issue and/or fails Ingram’s content guidelines.
  3. Xlibris NZ creates the 30- to 35-word book description to be used in your supplement listing.
  4. Slots are only available until 26 June 2020.


About Ingram Content Group

Ingram is the leading distributor of print and digital content. It offers fully integrated print and digital wholesale and distribution services for the book industry. Each year, Ingram issues a series of catalogues to retailers and libraries showcasing forthcoming and recently published titles.