The Gospel Truth Made Simple, Just Like God Planned It

Spiritual Insight for New Converts in Christ Jesus

by Annesah Nasheed A.U.G.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/18/2011

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 334
ISBN : 9781456885779

About the Book

“The Gospel Truth Made Simple, Just Like God Planned It”, is a self help resource tool that tells the powerful story of Truth as it is laid out in Scripture. Many of the Truth’s exposed on these pages have been missed by the masses in Christendom. Written in a no non sense style, straight to the point and each chapter builds upon the next allowing the reader to see a clear picture as they read. You will not want to put it down as you move from Genesis through Revelation discovering nuggets of fresh revelation as you go. This work is a wonderful Christian resource that can be used to assist believers at every level in spiritual growth. Pastors and ministry professionals will fi nd this work ideal for teaching new converts classes, even Bible studies. This work was designed specifically with new converts and those struggling with Biblical comprehension in mind. “The Gospel Truth Made Simple, Just Like God Planned It” is written so plainly that any one reading it can comprehend it walking away with clarity and a divine assurance that they are being made spiritually free. The exciting Truth’s found in this work are the result of years of seeking God for answers to questions that confounded me back when I first began my spiritual pursuit for Truth. If you are ready to discover the Truth God wants you to know, this is the book for you! Individuals reading these volumes will be enlightened and fi nd revelation that will enhance their spiritual base and result in growth. Families will fi nd they can also use this series for personal family time together with the Lord. “The Gospel Truth Made Simple, Just Like God Planned It”, can be given as a gift to those we love; a wonderful introduction into what really matter. This series gives the reader a jump-start into Biblical Truth and the Christian way of life. “The Gospel Truth Made Simple, Just Like God Planned It”, will deposit a wealth of comprehensible knowledge into the heart of those desiring to eliminate the confusion experienced by most “new converts” and seasoned believers alike in the Body of Christ.

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