Retail Price Royalty Program (3 years)


Xlibris' 100% Royalty Program gives you power as the author to set a competitive retail price for your book, and to reap all the benefits as well. On each copy of your book sold either through Xlibris, or our extensive distribution network including retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, you will receive 100% of all the proceeds.

With two comprehensive programs to choose from, Xlibris' 100% Royalty Program provides a unique advantage in the self-publishing industry and empowers you as an author, while giving your title the edge it needs in a competitive marketplace.


Whether you would like to opt for just the 100% Royalty Program, or if you want complete control of the pricing and profits from sales of your book, we have the option for you. Each program runs for a 3-Year Term and ensures that you receive all the proceeds from sales of your book regardless of where it is sold, and that you can also order copies of your own book at heavily discounted rates.

Take control of your book today with this cutting-edge approach to self publishing.

Retail Price and Royalty Program - $1,799

Set the price of your book using the Set Your Own Price (SYOP) pricing structure, and still receive 100% of Net Proceeds for the duration of the program.

Start Dates

The Work will be enrolled in the Program on the earlier of the following:

(a) if the Work is already available for sale on the Effective Date of this Agreement, on the first day of the next calendar quarter after receipt by Company of both the signed Agreement and payment of the applicable fee for the Program selected by Author below ("Fee");


(b) if the Work is not available for sale on the Effective Date of this Agreement, on the first day of the next calendar quarter after the Work becomes available, provided that Company has received payment of the Fee from the Author prior to that time.

Book Pricing & Royalties

Figuring out how much your book will cost, and how much you will receive from each sale is easy. The retail price will still be based on your final manuscript's page count, and the royalty you receive is determined by the following calculation: Retail price - trade discount - production cost = your royalty.

Learn the full details of this service by reading the terms and conditions.

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Disclaimer: Prices listed do not include applicable taxes (such as sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax), which will be added to the total at the time of purchase. Prices listed do include the copies of the book; the cost of shipping and handling will be calculated and charged after your book is made available for sale.