Black and White Packages

Xlibris' Black & White Book Publishing Packages make your book available in quality paperback, hardback, and bespoke leather bound tomes. Perfect for fiction tales, nonfiction books, memoirs, or almost anything you can envision, our Black & White packages feature a full-color cover, grayscale interior, and perfect binding. Choose from eight publishing packages, each with their own combination of marketing, editorial, and publishing services for a truly customized supported self-publishing experience.

Black & White Basic

This cost-effective package can turn your manuscript into a quality paperback book.

Black & White Professional

Enjoy more design autonomy, plus availability of your book in hardcover format.

Black & White Custom

This is an ideal package for the author who has a clear artistic vision of the way his or her book should be presented.

Black & White Premium

Reap the benefits of additional bookselling services that make your book more accessible to readers and brick-and-mortar stores.

Black & White Executive

Enjoy full customization, more marketing materials, and a veritable buffet of publishing options.

Black & White Platinum

Appease the stickler in you with a diverse assortment of publishing and marketing services that will surely meet your discriminating taste.