Service Instructions & Guidelines

Step 1 – Check your manuscript

Make sure that your manuscript meets our Publication Requirements and that you've read through the instructions for how to format your book.

Make sure you have proofread your manuscript; it should not require any corrections or alterations.

*If you submit a manuscript that has been incorrectly formatted, it could delay the production process of your book. Be sure to read guidelines and instructions thoroughly before submitting. Please call 844-714-8691 if you have any questions.

Step 2 – Prepare your book for disk-based submission

Please submit your entire book in a single word processing file, preferably Microsoft Word. If you use another word processor, please save your file in a Rich Text Format (.rtf file).

If your book is too large to fit on a single disk, split the file into two parts and send two disks, clearly labeled. Please use a PC-formatted CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Memory Stick, or a Zip disk.

Label the disk with your name, telephone number, and the title of your book. Please pack your disks inside protective wrapping or a disk mailer to ensure that they will arrive in usable condition, and please retain a backup copy of your manuscript.

Step 3 – Write your book summaries

Write the following summaries using your word processing program and save them as a single file, separate from your main book file but on the same disk:

  • Author's Cover Bio
    100 words max. A short, one-paragraph description of yourself that will appear on the back cover of your book.
  • Author Biography
    4,000 characters max. A longer description of yourself or a message to your readers. It will appear on the author biography page that readers view when they click on your name within the Xlibris website.
  • Dedication
    100 words max. Will appear at the beginning of your book.
  • Book Summary
    100 words max. A short, one-paragraph description of your book that appears on the back cover of your book and with your book listing on the Xlibris website.
  • Book Description
    4,000 characters max. A longer description of your book that appears on your book's page on the Xlibris website.

Step 4 – Prepare your images

Prepare your interior and cover images either on disk or hard-copy; please do not send slides or sketches. Disk-based images can be sent on a PC-formatted CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Memory Stick, or Zip disk. Xlibris supports supplied hard-copy images up to 12” x 17”, including original images on paper (original art such as watercolors, line art using ink etc.) and photographs. If you are submitting digital images, please read the following formatting requirements.

  • Images are saved as either TIFF or JPEG files.
  • To ensure quality reproduction, all graphics and/or images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and be in actual size.
  • Save all image files as separate files. Please do not embed or paste images in your manuscript.
  • Please indicate directly in your manuscript where the images should be placed. Please make sure you use the right file name for easy reference.
  • Aside from the interior images, you have the option to submit the following:
    • Cover Image – to be placed on the front cover of the book.
    • Cover Design – photo or illustration file for your book cover (not applicable for Advantage)
    • Author Image – to be placed on the back cover of the book.

Step 5 – Fill out and sign the Author Agreement

Read and sign the Author Agreement. We’ll then send you an Order Form where you can indicate your publishing service choices, form of payment and any marketing, editorial or add-on services you would like to include.

Step 6 – Pack, label, and send your materials to Xlibris

Please pack your forms and disk(s) inside a protective wrapping or a disk mailer to ensure that they will arrive in usable condition. Never send the only copy of your book, if original materials are sent, Xlibris cannot be held responsible for articles that are lost or stolen in transit.

Make sure you have all the materials needed. Please review our Submission Checklist or download the PDF version to make sure you have included all the submission requirements.

When sending your submission, Xlibris recommends that you use a traceable mail service (UPS, FedEx, certified mail, etc.) to ensure the safe arrival of your package.

You can mail your submission to:

Xlibris LLC
1663 Liberty Drive
Suite 200
Bloomington, IN 47403

Or e-mail your files to: