The Legend of Maxim and the Curse of Probopolo

by Monica Reifegerste



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/31/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781503533240
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781503533233

About the Book

Epic story familiarizes readers with Great Danes in an interesting, educational and amusing approach.

Channeling her great love and care toward a specific breed of dog, the Great Dane, author Monica Reifegerste pens an entertaining tale that stars her favorite gigantic darlings.

In an environment of principalities, adventures and mysteries, this epic tale takes place in Doggerrland, the Land of the Great Danes, a world in which its inhabitants live in perfect harmony with their Creator and other creatures, until the day that Gandra the king of Doggerrland is put to the test through the instrumentality of Mad-ellia, a creature from another world.

Promising him absolute power and supremacy in the world in which they live, Mad-ellia puts in doubt the truths contained in the Book of Life and convinces the king to disobey its teachings, awakening in him the oldest wishes of all civilizations: vanity and greed. The king's decision will have devastating consequences, not only for himself, but for all his subjects...

However, even before these events take place, a strange messenger is sent to Maxim, a young peasant girl from Harlewoods Province, declaring that she has been chosen for the mission of saving her world from the harmful effects of a cursed world that lies in another dimension, beyond her own. 

Thus begins a struggle between obedience and free will, a decisive fight that will determine the future of Doggerrland, also aiming to reach and bring light to the inhabitants of its opposite world, the cursed world known as Probopolo.

This epic tale presents reliable information about the Great Dane and a controversial issue about color patterns in an amusing and medieval style. Added to the epic scenario in which the story unfolds, the characters are the charismatic Great Danes, playing a lesson-filled story based on biblical teachings and universal ethical values in a playful approach.

Book presentation and printing quality top notch, beautiful illustrations, story texts are overlaid on a parchment layout, providing an increasing atmosphere for a medieval tale. 214 pages of pure entertainment and fun with educational purposes. Recommended for age range of 8 to 88 years and more.


About the Author

Monica Reifegerste, a Brazilian of German descent, was born in Sao Paulo, in 1961. She has a licentiate in Pedagogy by the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, UFSC – and has owned and bred Great Danes since 2003. As a lover of the breed, she has been searching and studying the Great Dane ever since, developing a specialized website, writing and publishing a few essays on controversial issues, published on her own website and social net forums.

In 2012, she translated the official German Standard of the Breed to Portuguese, established by the DDC – Deutscher Doggen Club – German Great Dane Club – and published by the CBKC – Brazilian Kennel Club Confederation.

In 2009, she developed a card game named "The Great Danes' Suits Playing Cards", aiming to shed light on the coat color issue of the breed in a playful and creative way. It is not yet available at this present date.

As a fondness for children´s books, she decided that the best way to address the color issue would be a children’s book for adults and children, i.e., through a fable, would be possible to address the issue figuratively, in order to bring into focus the ethical and moral matters related to the subject. Thus, "The Legend of Maxim and the Curse of Probopolo" arose, a storyline built on Christian foundations and on an evangelistic approach.