Add-on Services

Formatting and design are key elements to the success of your book. The leading reason that consumers pick up a book is the book's attractive cover. The inside formatting is equally important as readability is crucial. The Xlibris design team collaborates closely with you to determine your unique publishing requirements and to ensure a quality product. Just as each author is different, so is each book. At Xlibris, you can customise your publishing package with optional services available to meet your specific self-publishing requirements.

This wide variety of additional services is designed to round out and complement your publishing experience. Some of these options are included in the publishing packages, so be sure to review the details of your service level carefully.

Stock Images

Add more than the allotted free stock images for your book’s custom-designed cover.

Print Formats

How do you want your book to look on your bedside or your readers’ shelves? Your book binding and cover are as important as your content, so make sure that you leave that strong first impression on your readers.

Cover Design

Bring your book to life with a unique cover design.

Expedited Service

Publish in less than 60 days.

Interior Colour Illustration

Custom-made artwork to enhance your work.

Interior Page Layout

Show more than a flair for words with visuals that can reflect your ingenuity as a writer. Complement your book with pictures, illustrations, and other non-text content relevant to your literary work.

Pre-Publishing Services

You need to tick off and carry out every pre-publishing essential to ensure a flawless final copy of your book. Whether your work is in paper or digital format, our pre-publishing services are aimed at ensuring that you can lay your hands on a publication-ready book before you present it to the world.

Post-Publishing Services

It’s your book; hence, it’s your call. Your autonomy as a self-published author extends well beyond the final publishing stage, so choose the best post-publishing services to suit your needs.


Congratulations, you are now a certified published author. Set your feat in stone by getting it copyrighted and having it registered in the US Library of Congress.

Audiobook Format

Turn your book into a handy, easily accessible audiobook that readers can listen to.