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Read Xlibris authors' thoughts on their publishing experiences, what self-publishing has taught them, and the benefits of Xlibris other publishing options don't have.

Xlibris author Finn Siekenwich and "Book of Demons 1"

Finn Siekenwich

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Xlibris. The entire staff has been so helpful in explaining things to me, as well as getting back to me in a timely manner. Everyone is friendly and easy to talk to. I will definitely use Xlibris to publish my future books."

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Xlibris author Helen Walters and "Imaginary"

Helen Walters

"Publishing with Xlibris has been an intriguing experience. There are so many different aspects to having a book published that I didn’t know about and having the professional team at Xlibris behind me has made the experience such an enjoyable process. They are in constant contact with me, updating me on progress or telling me about avenues for marketing I didn’t think it would ever be a possibility for an independently published author. I now have an educated path of where I want my work to go and how I want the world to see me."

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Xlibris author T.D. Hollins and "Diary of a Mad Band Director"

T.D. Hollins

"Clear communication and quick turnaround."

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"The Case for Pandora" by James Essig and Steve McCarter

Steve McCarter and James Essig

"Xlibris is a great, low cost option for publications of books on a wide variety of subjects and support staff take the time to smooth out issues that can arrive during the publication process."

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"Blue Fingers Brass Knuckles" by Jennifer L. Martin

Jennifer L. Martin

"As an author, I had a certain format I wanted for my book, and a lot of other publishers couldn’t accommodate me. Xlibris can do any type of formatting I wanted. Their customer service, marketing team, and my personal representative helped me every step of the way. They made this whole process simple and I’m truly grateful to have found Xlibris. Not only did they do a soft cover version of my book they also did it in eBook format. I remember the day I received a copy of my book, it was the most magical moment and I was in awe of the whole experience. I’m in the process of writing my second book and Xlibris will be my publisher of choice. It truly is great working with them! Thank you Xlibris!!!"

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Xlibris author J.A. Bullen and "Beyond the Amaranthine Veil"

J.A. Bullen

"Working with Xlibris, has been a trying experience for all the right reasons. I have had the opportunity to work with industry pros, who have helped me to determine some of my own weaknesses in this venture of mine. I daresay, the single greatest experience of this launch, has been learning some of my limitations and growing as an author."

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Xlibris author Dr. Jeffrey C. Fox and "The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Police Officer"

Dr. Jeffrey C. Fox

"This is my second book with Xlibris. Both times I did a lot of comparison and Xlibris came out on top in all categories I was looking at. My favorite part of the process with Xlibris is that they are extremely prompt in everything they do."

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Xlibris author Shawn Gale and "World of Dawn"

Shawn Gale

"My experience with Xlibris has been first-rate. I’ve established solid, professional relationships with the reps of the different departments. They’ve always worked diligently in helping me produce the finest product possible, and have went the extra mile to ensure I’m always happy."

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Xlibris author Bill McDonald and "Walking on a Moonbeam"

Bill McDonald

"Working with Xlibris as my publishing partner has been great thus far. My favorite part of the process was when the pieces started coming together. When I saw the cover galley and the interior galley, I knew it was going to happen."

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Xlibris author  J.R. Gonzalez and "The Lingstroms"

J.R. Gonzalez

My favorite part of being published by Xlibris was holding the actual book in my hand, seeing the posters and the business cards and knowing they are doing what they promised makes me proud and gives me inspiration to write more, to finish the other novels I have in my head.

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Xlibris author V.J. Parker and "Rowanlee"

V.J. Parker

"Xlibris has been a very good supporter, encouraging me to continue writing. Xlibris has an excellent group of illustrators who have been able to do an incredible job on my book covers. Thank you, Xlibris, for all your support in getting my books out there for readers to access and enjoy."

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Xlibris author Jerry Jennings and "Stella's Secret"

Jerry Jennings

It is always a thrill to see the first galley proofs of the manuscript and just as exciting to see and touch the first test copy of the finished book. Since I’ve self-published three books with Xlibris, it shows how pleased I’ve been with Xlibris.

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