Poetic Prose

by Preston From



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 12/03/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 322
ISBN : 9780738849805

About the Book

This is a collection of poetry, mostly free verse, but there maybe one or two with some rhyme or reason to them.  It ranges in subjects from love to lust to hate to war to remorse to the absolute morbid, mostly because it is nigh all of the poems I have ever written, and I have many subjects wandering around in my head.

Adults, parents mostly, complain that they don't know what their children, teenagers mostly, are thinking…reading this probably won't help with your particular child--I am not them, but it could give you an insight into the general view of teenagers today in terms of lust, hate, and angst.

This is poetry because it’s what I can write the best, and so there is quite a bit of emotion in it, or so I've been told.  I honestly can't tell what kind of effect something will have on a person.  But I've been told that it elicits strong emotions from people, so who knows?

About the Author

Preston Merle From. 17 years old. I’ve decided to share this work with YOU, it’s came from my heart and, partly, my soul. But this is not me. It’s a reflection, a distortion, an image FROM me—a beam of light viewed through a prism. Don’t assume you know me by reading this—its more about the world around me.