by Dave Snow



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Language :
Publication Date : 14/05/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 307
ISBN : 9781413452433

About the Book

Möbius by Dave Snow

It’s nearly the end of the Vietnam War in the Tonkin Gulf. A U.S. Navy destroyer, the USS Horatio Sumner, mysteriously disappears after a giant sphere forms around it. The official response: An undetected early morning attack by North Vietnamese MIGs is responsible for sinking the vessel with loss of all hands. Thus begins one of the most comprehensive military cover-ups in modern history.

Over thirty years later, Pete Phelps witnesses an unusual event at an air show. He goes out of his way to meet the pilot, Captain Jack Williams, who was flying an F-15 shadowed by a barely perceptible glowing sphere.

After the air show, the lives of Pete Phelps and Diana Richards unexpectedly cross when a sphere stops their cars on the highway.

In the Mountains, near Leadville, Colorado, deep inside an abandoned silver mine, Cheyenne Mountain Space Command alerts the National Space Agency that they have detected an imminent contact with extraterrestrial life forms. Navy liaison, Lieutenant Cherise Timmons, trained for such an event, is naively drawn into the long-running government cover-up. She realizes her own nation would rather sacrifice her than allow its long-held secret to be exposed.

The lives of these four people become inexorably intertwined when they are chosen to experience power and technology far beyond human comprehension. And despite countless attempts by the government to intervene in current and past events, the aliens continually outwit their feeble attempts. Eventually, the extraterrestrials make their presence known when they take the four souls to their mother ship.

Between Saturn and Mars, the massive starship orbits the sun amongst the asteroids. A thin, ribbon-like surface, with buildings, ships, cars, and other Earth detritus, trapped on its band like insects, slowly twists and rotates around a glowing centroid. Pete dubs it the Möbius because of its resemblance to a one-sided Möbius strip. The visitors from Earth quickly realize that Möbiun days and nights are determined by which side of the surface is exposed to the star-like centroid.

Ultimately, the true purpose of the Möbiun’s visit is revealed when a black hole is diverted from a collision course with the sun. The alien ship departs, but it leaves something of its self itself behind in the minds and hearts of those who were touched by the immensity of its capabilities, a comprehension that only those who have truly experienced the Möbius firsthand could fully grasp.

About the Author

Dave Snow is a Vietnam veteran and graduate of Pomona California’s Polytechnic University School of Architecture. He has enjoyed a successful career as a historical architect with the National Park Service, and has traveled extensively. The author of four near-future science fiction novels, Beyond the Reality of ONE, Raven’s Nest, Those Who Travel, and Möbius, he never tires of exploring modern technology and its effects on the human condition. A profound respect for humankind’s potential and strength of spirit is reflected in all of Dave’s unique tales.