She never expected Deceit, Lies & Suspense in a Small Town

by Charlotte Lewis



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 17/01/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 134
ISBN : 9781425747800

About the Book

After the untimely death of her husband, Eleanor Hutchins moved to a small mountain town in Arizona. She and her husband had bought a vacation home there years before and she thinks the small town atmosphere would help heal her heart. Additionally, she believes a small town would offer a more casual and laid back lifestyle than she had enjoyed in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Eleanor also hopes for good friends and neighbors. A few months after her arrival, the house next door to her went up for sale. In a very short time, it sold to a couple her age – Jack and Carrie Bayh. They initially intended the house to be a respite from the summer heat of the Arizona desert where they lived. Instead, both Carrie and Jack found jobs in this small town and settled in. They do become the good neighbors Eleanor had hoped to find. Carrie found a job with a local doctor. When he found it necessary to close his clinic, she was offered a position with a local attorney – Fletcher Ellison. Mr. Ellison has been trying to convince Eleanor to date him. He went so far as to enlist his new employee, Eleanor´s neighbor and friend, to convince Eleanor he was worthy of her attention. Eleanor´s rebuffs were met with stalking, late night phone calls, and the unusual approach of sending her roses – one less in the bouquet each time. He told the florist he would deliver the last himself. Even though her friend was not enamored with Mr. Ellison, Carrie thought his conduct in an office environment would be different. He was, after all, an attorney. However, he turned out to be the employer from hell. While working for Mr. Ellison, Carrie found evidence of several wrong doings on his part. She collects documents as proof but mysteriously disappears before she can turn them over to the State Attorney’s office. “Eleanor” tells the story of the lies, deceit and suspense this small town offered her in lieu of the Eden she had hoped to find. “Eleanor” is a companion book to this author’s last novel “Chris”. “Eleanor” is ‘the other side of the story’ of “Chris” and is a must read if you’ve read “Chris”.

About the Author

Charlotte Lewis, a retired accountant, lives and works in Vancouver, Washington. When not writing, Charlotte enjoys reading, knitting and spending time with friends and family. She is active in both her church and community. Please visit Charlotte at charlottelewisonline.com.