Wishes and Other Stuff

A Book of Slightly Eerie Short Stories

by M. E. Katz



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 10/06/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 119
ISBN : 9781425710132

About the Book

As the title states, Wishes and Other Stuff is a collection of slightly eerie stories. Some of them lean more towards tales of true horror while others are simply slightly eerie. Intertwined amongst the stories are ten truly lovely illustrations. They alone make this book worth looking at. In Wishes, Marla spends most of her time wishing her life were completely different. She finally seeks to have her ultimate wish come true. The results aren’t entirely as she had hoped. Night Nurse tells of Ricky who has recently found employment at Port Mann’s Regional Medical Center. He quickly becomes frustrated with his fellow staff and their running joke about the hospital being haunted. Jason finds out what happens when he summons the Wrong Cat-Headed Goddess to help him force the girl he fancies return his affection. Amanda and Gypsy explores the possibility that a bond between a woman and her cat can transcend the grave. Al relocated from his quiet, small town for a better job in a bustling, large city. He is not sure he will ever adjust, but does manage to make a new acquaintance in Bubbles. On a hot summer day, Daniel and Trina, a set of twins, decide to check out the old house at the end of their dead-end street. There they find out about their families past and The Modern Day Villagers. Kara’s heart is broken in Kara’s Angst and she isn’t sure it will ever mend. Living in a nursing home, Lois seeks Quiet Please. A goofy Siamese cat shows her true colors in Pickles Prevails. Two sisters try to adjust to very annoying neighbors in Dealing with the Delaneys. Mike is feeling isolated and alone when he finds a Gargoyle in the Garden. Big Boy is a woefully abused dog, while The Bi-Annual Weekend Retreat of the UFC introduces a whole cast of unlikable characters. Phil tries to shield Lisa, a seven-year-old girl, from a malicious spirit called Punkinhead. Seth plans to bag a ten-point buck on Miss Ertha’s property even though it is clearly posted Do Not Hunt Here. The two short poems on Poetry Page are for amusement. If you include the cover, there are delightful illustrations for eleven of the tales. Both the author and the artist hope you enjoy their offerings.

About the Author

M. E. Katz highly values her leisure time and likes to crochet, read, and write. Horror books and movies have always held a special place in M. E.’s heart and she fondly recalls the old fright comics she read in her youth.