Behind the Melody

Your Stories

by Dannette Genasci



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 21/03/2024

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 904
ISBN : 9798369418482

About the Book

Trev goes into his doctor’s office, comfortable for he is 15 years removed from the rock scene. He sits down and waits his turn along with many others because the waiting room is, of course, crowded. The Medical assistant comes to the door and announces who she wants next. "Sonny Glassburg" she says. Trev stands up and starts to walk toward her, reacting to one of his Alias names he used to go by back in the day. You know, Sonny, a good guy name and who in their right mind would be a Glassburg? And it’s an automatic thing now... But he is met with another, - turns out blue eyed beautiful gal. She gets up as he does- they end up meeting each other face to face, and time freezes. She saw him rise. She saw him move toward the med assistant when she called her name. Is this guy going to butt in front of me? She should be reacting- throwing a fit- she has been waiting, and he should have to wait his turn too----------- but she can't because she is suddenly so drawn into him. He starts to blush, having no intention of butting, realizing his mistake of an automatic reaction and not thinking. It just happened, and here stood before him was a woman. A woman sporting ---- a Roundabout shirt. The med assistant stands there patiently- seeing the chemical reaction between the two............. _______________________________________ The imagination- what a wonderful thing. Song Lyrics- HE wanted to give you an outline to start you off. However, I find as one gets older, your inner child starts to fade. So, I write, coloring in the outline and fill it with my words to help you find your imagination once again. And then, give that to you in these books. You get to spend time with that ONE who wrote the lyrics, if only in words, for the amount of time it takes you to read. Light romance, comedy, suspense where HE is your hero or YOU, his. I hope I am helpful.

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