The Arrow Flies by Night

A Novel of Betrayal

by Mary K. Baxter



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 2/05/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 333
ISBN : 9781425749774

About the Book

They were the best of friends in high school: Matthew, the honest hard- achiever, and Tony, devious and manipulative with a latent socio-psychopathic personality. When beautiful Feather appears in their senior year, a rift begins in their friendship that widens into open and deadly hostility in the years that follow.

Even when Matthew and Feather marry, Tony lurks in the background, searching for a way to make Feather his. The opportunity comes when Matthew is accused of arson and manslaughter and Tony sends his friend to prison with perjured testimony. Lonely Feather, depressed and tired of waiting for Matthew, divorces him and eventually marries Tony. Under Tony’s total control, she finds out what hell is like. Marylou, a good friend, carries news to Matthew in prison. Convict life toughens Matthew and, when he is released after eight years, he is eager for revenge. Although Tony is now Chief of Police and holds all the aces, Matthew brings about a confrontation that humiliates him in front of his men. Feather and Matthew still love each other. As a prisoner in her own home and a victim of physical abuse, Feather realizes her own past actions have fueled this intolerable, hopeless situation for Matthew and herself. She devises a courageous scheme to bring justice for Matthew and condemnation for Tony.

About the Author

A former editor with AT&T, Mary K. Baxter, is the author of three published novels and a collection of short stories. She is also a former teacher, a world traveler, a Yankee fan, a jazz lover, and a gardener. A former manager of the Somerset Valley Orchestra, she has been playing the clarinet for over twenty years. Mary has two grown daughters, and lives in a beautiful valley in New Jersey.