Marketing Services

Regardless of what type of book you have written, if you want your book to sell, a marketing plan is a must. There is no right or wrong way to market your book; each manuscript requires a different tactic to optimise your book's sales potential. Xlibris' Marketing Department acts as your personal marketing firm, running campaigns on your behalf in order to foster interest, awareness, and ultimately book sales.

Planning is essential to the success of your book. With so many alternatives available, a clearly laid out marketing plan is the best way to maximise your efforts. It is your compass for a productive book-selling campaign and a requirement for sales success.

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Bookstore Fundamentals

Pitch your title to local bookstores and libraries to reach bookworms and your niche market effectively.

Press Releases

A press release is a must in any marketing campaign. However, creating an effective press release campaign is not that easy. That’s where we come in to help. Our team of publicity specialists will gladly assist you in launching a press release campaign. Browse through our Press Release options to find out which service is best suited for you and your book.

Publicity Marketing

Direct your book promotions through the right channels. Target the media to spread word about your published book.

Internet-based Marketing

Give your book marketing campaign the power and reach to spark reader awareness and interest by supercharging it with your presence online.

Printed Materials

Printed marketing materials are a must-have for effective book promotions. Make them a part of your book signing tour or author event and leave a lasting impression.

Print Advertising

Gain the attention of the right audience—book industry decision makers, book buyers, potential readers, and librarians. Advertise your book in the publishing industry’s trusted periodicals, magazines, and journals.

Book Reviews

Give your book an edge over the competition with an honest and credible critique.

Online Video Advertising

Attract interest for your book through your own online video advertisement.

Radio Interview

Harness the power of the airwaves to promote your book.


What could be more powerful than promoting your book personally to potential book buyers? Get closer to your readers through any of these book marketing exhibits.

Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Improve your book’s chances of being noticed by agents, producers, writers, and actors with our Hollywood Book-to-Screen packages.