ASK- The Tree of Knowledge

“The Tree of Knowledge”

by Sri Sunkara Sankacharya



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/10/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781477144336
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About the Book


“The Tree of Knowledge” When examining the myths and folklore of the ancient Vikings and earlier Norse Tribes of Scandinavia, we find a recurring Legend passed on as fact.

“Before the beginning of time when the Spirit was upon the earth for all to know and see, the first man grew from a sweat gland upon the Sap of the Tree of ASK. The tree, ASK released Spiritual spores, the invisible zygote manifested form in the physical.

The cells within became fecund, activated in life, triggered by Spirit, built into an ovum or egg attached to the root of the Great Tree, which bore the primitive, ancestral hermaphrodite of the human race. In ancient times numerous gods were upon the earth and in the inner lands of Spiritual and Astral realms.

Following Nature’s Involution & Evolution trajectory, came the Devolution of the Races of Man, the gradual descent to the remainder of today. The legend tells of how the gods ceased to argue and came together in mind and Spirit, projected their consciousness to the Tree known as ASK, ‘The Knower of all to be Known’ and created from the Tree, ASK, the ancestor of man.”

Each culture in History, with the exception of the current modern groups, has produced a Tree of Knowledge sacred to the peoples. In a world lost in materiality humanity “clear-fell” the carriers of Knowledge. The Tree, a Spiritual source, a point of refuge; without her leafy arbour there is no human life. Hug a tree and draw upon her strength, tune to her wisdom, wonder at her androgynous nature, hear the words whispered in the winds upon her leaf and in her breath.

In China, the ‘Sung-Ming-Shu’, is the ancestral Chinese Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Spiritual Life.

The ‘Pippala Tree’ is the occult Fig Tree of Knowledge from the Sanskrit language of pre India. In Vanuatu of the Pacific Islands the ‘Nutapika’ Nut Tree is the main source of protein, however it is the Banyan Tree which is the giver of Spiritual Wisdom and holds the Sacred stones. In Tibet the Sacred Tree of Knowledge is still known as the Tree of Life – ‘Zampun’. Malaysia has the Spiritual blossoms of the ever flowering Tree of Wisdom, the ‘Angsana’ Tree.

ASK “The Tree of Knowledge”

In the Qoran (Koran) the Scriptures speak of the ‘Ababel’, the Tree of Mystery the Tree of Knowledge. ‘Asvattha’, the giant fig tree of ancient India, symbolic of the Supreme Spirit the ever-lasting refuge, the “Tree of All Knowing”, rooted in Heaven and in earth.

Each leaf is a “Song of Revelation”, a Veda. To have supreme knowledge is to know the song within each and every leaf, the fruit of ‘Asvattha’ gives eternal Spiritual Life.

ASK, the eternal rootless tree of Timelessness rooted in Spiritual Ground self-generating Mother Nature, the Spiritual Source, the anchor from which the Phoenix of Spiritual Immortality ascends. “ASK” is the name of the Scandinavian Ash tree, known throughout time as the “Tree of Knowledge”. Ask, “ASK” and you shall be answered herein.

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Spiritual Philosopher/Teacher Founder – Higher Spiritualism Incorporated Tasmania, Australia Born. October 29th 1942. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Parents Arthur George Lowndes CBE. & Alison Lee Adams (Peter). Dual Citizenship – America & Australia Pseudonym – Rev. Ann Swerman. Spiritual Name – “Sri Sunkara” Education Church of England, Sydney Grammar School graduate Certificate 1959, (Private Military School). Wool Classer, Jackeroo, Chartered Accountant, Commando AMF, Martial Artist, South East Asia 1965, Middle East War 1967, Real Estate Broker – Australia, USA – Hawaii – California - Texas, Series 7 Investment Counselor New York, Yellow Cab Driver Las Vegas/Nevada, Property Manager, Developer. Ex-Celebrant/Minister. Doctorate PhD. Spiritual Path World traveled, 47 years since aged twenty seeking Spiritual evidential answers to life’s mysteries. Astral Travel as youth, awareness consciousness existed outside of the brain, hence no death as we are taught. Joined and studied teachings most Main Stream Religions seeking inner common links. Thirty years scientific research into “does human personality survive death? ”, is their absolute proof? Taught Metaphysics, investigated Mediums and Psychics and Indigenous Spiritual understanding North American Indian Nations, Papua, New Guinea, Belize, New Britain, Vanuatu, remote Australia. Studied world’s most scientifically tested physical phenomena medium over twenty years, Spiritual founder “Higher Siritualism” a movement dedicated to Social change and human upliftment. Achievements Happy Marriage Two sons (Mark - Bronze Medal, Matthew - Silver Medal in Jnr. Olympics Tai Kwon Do.) Mark is the Artist and Matthew the Photographer, both Film Makers. Correct Belief System Australian Club - Good Member since 1968 American Citizenship 1982 Cherie & Kim ordained as Ministers in California in 1975, Kim’s Doctorate thesis on “common denominators present in all religions” 1979. Rejects all Religion. Established Spiritual Centres of Study in Las Vegas/Nevada, Los Angeles – San Diego/California, New York, Hawaii, Denver/Colorado, Blue Mountains/Australia, Tanna/Vanuatu. Suicide Prevention Counselor – Founder John From Movement Incorporated – Charitable Support – Solar Panels/Water. Researched, prepared, identified evidence, contacted inner Higher levels of awareness, isolated for seven years to prepare Spiritual Revelations. 65 Titles ready for Publisher plus Artwork – Movies and Documentary Scripts/concepts. Mission & Purpose Spiritual Mission, “Freedom From Religion” to share the knowledge hidden from humanity.