The Shiren

by Rene Davidsohn



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 2/12/1999

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 419
ISBN : 9780738806082
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 419
ISBN : 9780738806099

About the Book

The great Manor of Shar has engraved within the stones of its entrance, lines from an ancient Songcaster Epic,

"Darkness, it is an interesting thing,

It gives those who come from within,

  ...insane ruthlessness,

     or boundless honor..."

This Manor and the estate belong to Shafalar, one of the first level rulers of the Shiren.  These lords of darkness control advanced levels of arcane power and operate silently, unseen, within the framework of modern society.  Lauren Makenzie, a skilled and trained hunter of these hidden, vampirish people, becomes prisoner within one of these domains, becomes a member of Ciredorn.

Within this Shiren province, Lauren encounters the deputy Michael, a comical Shiren thief whom she accuses of having once been human and of having been forced into changeover into Shiren.  She works with the intensely loyal Trevelyan, Intelligence commander of the province Ciredorn, and true-hearted soul to his last day of life.  She learns of the rival lord Neverien who hates life itself and who revels in pain.  

       She works at first unwillingly and then desperately for Neverien's unwilling nemesis, the lord Shafalar, a guardian of life.

The Shiren  begins with mystery as glimpses of this hidden world unfold and as an unlikely alliance forms between the human child, Richard, of the 1800's; a special government agent Jason of the 1950's, and the modern and skilled huntress Makenzie, in the last years of the millennia.  Neither Richard nor Jason nor Lauren would have believed they would become allies with the Shiren of Ciredorn, striving to defeat the lord Neverien, who loves only violence, chaos and death.

In a simpler twist of irony, Lauren even has to confront her former fiance Shawn, a Master hunter of the Shiren, and leader of a New World hunting team.

The record keepers of the Shiren, the Songcasters, the keepers of history and the protectors of the community's silence, watch all.  Their lord Theodore records these relentless maneuverings in his chronicles.

About the Author

Rene H. Davidsohn once worked as a research scientist, collecting samples from the sea floor off remote islands of the Bahamas, as well as investigating samples delivered from the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Currently Davidsohn is living in the US with two demanding dogs - the fuzzy pound puppy CH whose greatest friend and follower, is the German Shepherd Karen.