Negotiating with Asians

Doing Business in an Age of Terror

by Paul Leppert



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Publication Date : 20/09/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781425726256

About the Book

This book should make a significant contribution to scholarship in both the business and Asian Studies fields. It covers the process of cross-cultural negotiations with Asians from business, academic, and governmental perspectives. Each theoretical concept is buttressed by concrete examples and applications. This book includes material on terrorism that has not been previously published, due to the censorship policies of several Asian nations. The book’s basic argument is based on the supposition that bargaining with Asians is very different today due to the advent of terrorism. Negotiating with Asians is the only book of its kind which integrates the topic of terrorism. The intended audience for this book consists of American business, academic, and governmental individuals going to Asia to bargain. Such negotiations are not limited to business and government. Universities sending professors to do research in Asian science parks negotiate intensively to ensure that the fruits of research will be divided equitably. This book is the result of my recent research in Asia and my personal experiences. My specific qualifications to write this book are contained in the enclosed curriculum vitae. The table of contents are also enclosed. People in the intended audience are busy. So this book is short enough to be read on the trans-Pacific flight. It is set in 12-point type to overcome the poor reading lights on many aircraft. No photos or illustrations are needed.

About the Author

Paul Leppert is the author of seven books on doing business in Asian nations. Each book is based on research in a specific Asian nation. His book on Korea was published by Korean Airlines and used as a premium for business pasengers. As a Marine officer, Paul Leppert negotiated labor agreements in Okinawa and worked with the Japanese Self-Defense Force and the Philippine Army. He served as Assistant Naval Attache at the U.S. Embassy in Taipei and as an advisor to the (Nationalist) Chinese Marine Corps. As a vice-president and member of the International Board of Holden-Day, Inc., he negotiated international publishing agreements. He also participated in cross-cultural negotiations as a consultant for Taiwan Fruit Corporation. This is the only book which covers the role of terrorism in Asian negotiations. Patterns of negotiations are buttressed with specific examples, which are applicable to business, education, and government.