The Black Knight of Avalon Chronicles, Book 1, The Ruby Phoenix, Part 1

by Sunbow Pendragon



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 10/11/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 389
ISBN : 9781413469936

About the Book

When one thinks of the story of Camelot, the immediate thoughts are those of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and all of the Knights of the Round Table. One barely considers the many trials of the champions of Camelot, hardly wondering how the heroes were chosen and tested for their bravery and adherence to the ideals of Arthur. This tale is designed to answer those questions. The character of the Black Knight’s story has never been truly told; to many he is a mysterious and evil man, who appears at various moments in the story, always to administer a lesson in chivalry. The story of Camelot is told in a fresh and clear manner, through the eyes of the Champion of Avalon. One begins to understand, as the story progresses, how Arthur’s kingdom faced and conquered the many threats of intrigue that threatened the Kingdom of Light. One sees behind the scenes as the Black Knight travels the length and breadth of Britain, seeking out both highborn and common traitors, eliminating them in the Goddess’ name. When he meets the character of the Ruby Phoenix, he finds an ally and teacher of the highest quality. His skills are tested and improved under this teacher’s guidance, and he is able to rise to his toughest challenge against Arthur’s most deadly enemy of the time.

The author, Sunbow Pendragon, offers this first installment in the story of The Black Knight of Avalon in hopes you will enjoy it; there is much more of the story to tell in future works.

About the Author

Sunbow Pendragon was born and still lives in the Pacific Northwest, occupying herself with writing and publishing The Black Knight of Avalon Chronicles. She is middle-aged, married with children, and has a deep and abiding interest in the lore of Camelot