With Love / Para tu corazón

by Julio Luc



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Publication Date : 19/10/2007

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 113
ISBN : 9781425761189
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 113
ISBN : 9781425761127

About the Book

El amor es algo muy especial, si lo sabes valorar. Aunque muchos lo usen para hacerte daño, no te rindas, a todos alguna vez nos han roto el corazón y tambien han jugado con nuestros sentimientos. Pero siempre habra alguien en quien tu puedes confi ar y el nunca te fallara>>> DIOS<<<

Es muy difi cil sobresalir depues de un engaño pero no te rindas y sigue adelante, no mires atras, que alguien te esta esperando para darte todo su amor.

Some times, love hurts, but don’t give up, move on, Many people use love as a weapon against you, don’t let them put you down go on. Some times they just want to play with you feelings but it is up to you if you let me play with you, becareful and open your eyes before open your heart.

It is very difficult to move on afther some one had played with your feelings I have been in that situation and It wasn’t easy to go on, But look now I am much Much better and I have found that she didn’t desserve my love and that some one else was waiting for me I thank God for this.

Try to talk with some one about how you feel, don’t be alone, there is going to be someone that would like to listen to you.

Count with me, I will be here happy to help you.

Your new friend

Because this was made for you and because of you

Busca a alguien conquien hablar, no te undas en esa soledad, alguien te va a tender la mano.

Pudes contar conmigo. Un nuevo amigo. Pues este libro fue hecho para Ti

Sentimientos” with love/ para tu corazón By: Julio Luc

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