Ben Franklin and Divine Right

by Eligah Boykin



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 14/08/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781503589285
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781503589278

About the Book

The author now offers you Freedom Beyond the Labyrinth so that you can finally remove the mask of agony you have been wearing while reinventing the white man’s world and the ideas of white men so that you may depart the sights in the cave and take a permanent step forward. Beyond the worship of shadows and a specter between two worlds, you will be invited to peruse a short history in degradation that hopefully will bring you beyond imagination and the flight of the undead to a place, where dignity surfaces into focus, and you experience a breakthrough to paradise. We expect you will find there is more to life than the dynamo of hell or even the heaven complex and in the land beyond gods and goddesses and past the sirens of doom lies sudden life in blood time for super soul as victory comes knocking with world series values for masters of freedom while they picnic in the clouds. There will be plenty of time to smell the classic ghetto roses while you carry your edition of the Latest Earth Times Review back to the Mountains of the Muse, where I hear what goes around flips the script to the ideas of black men as we return you now to Ben Franklin and Divine Right.

About the Author

The author now wishes to conclude this Moonbeam Muse Trilogy. Here is the third and final volume of poetic work produced from my collaboration with the beautiful and winsome Meghan Brown. These poems cover a wide span of time. Some come from shortly after having scribbled my first novel on loose-leaf paper for the inspection of Miss Temple at Joy Junior High School here in Detroit. Others were inspired after those heady days of angst during the turbulent sixties. This being when Mrs. Frances Hamburger helped me to win awards in the Optimist Oratorical Contests while likening me to Don Quixote and Martin Luther King and sending me off to the Fisher Theater to see Man of La Mancha. Meanwhile, Pierre Rener, also a renowned educator at Cass Tech High School, would have me read word for word chapters of my novel to him and enter my plays into his one-act festivals. Later he would maneuver me into an audience with Ron Milner, at the Considine Recreation on Woodward and Alex Haley, the author of Roots, at the University of Detroit. This was done in hopes of further developing me to responsibly assume careers as a playwright and adventure writer. At this time also Miss Nichols was pioneering an African American Studies project with a group of us using a paperback volume called Black Voices. Here I found out more about the Afrocentric presence in Modern Literature. While my children plays made the rounds of the inner city schools with the Cass Tech Children’s Touring Theater, I became involved with the Ananda Marga Yoga Society. I sought to attempt to further explore a spiritual epiphany I experienced during a performance of one of my plays during a one-act festival. This led me through much study and misadventures to the College for Creative Studies, where I was finally able to send new novels to the Scott Meredith Literary Agency, although these works have yet to see print at this time. I was fortunate enough to meet Kevin Ransom after graduating from the College for Creative Studies and working as a substitute teacher. He was working on a children’s story he wanted me to illustrate and was also instrumental in helping me garner the funds necessary so that I could script my first self-published novel, Alphonso Gentle. Later, while riding my bike to the riverfront, I ran into Andrew Jackson, who helped me find employment with Hertz-Rent-A-Car. While working here next to the airport, I was able to finance the publishing for The Blackboard of God and Gods Gone Wild. These works can now be found on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Here now you hold in your hands Ben Franklin and Divine Right, but the author will soon return with a new volume of verse. Enjoy this current work of poems, but look forward to perusing The United States of Africa before the cock crows.