God’s Headquarter

How Is Everything Created?

by Irfan A. Karowalia



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/01/2021

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 208
ISBN : 9781796001211
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 208
ISBN : 9781796001204
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 208
ISBN : 9781796001198

About the Book

The search for the truth about a creator is as old as time itself. Is God real or is this deity only a legend passed down through time – a mere figment of our inherited imaginations? It’s age-old question, asked by millions over the centuries. Intelligent and curious Aydin is no ordinary 18 year-old. A science student Aydin struggles with what he has been taught and the strong religious beliefs, which run through his very veins. He starts to mediate in earnest in the hope it will bring him closer to the answer – can science and religion be juxtaposed? Why should we have to believe in one or the other and not both working together? Not in a million years would this curious teenager imagine that the very questions he asked were about to be answered in the most awe-inspiring fashion. He has kept to his strict mediation schedule and now it’s time for bed – another sleepless night perhaps? Since these questions have been plaguing him, Aydin has not been able to rest easy. Suddenly Aydin feels himself rising off the bed and bathed in blinding light. As the light dims, he sees two egg-shaped objects coming straight towards him. His journey is about to begin. A supernatural being emerges. This dimension traveller introduces himself as Ridz the Creators chief Li-Bot who is here to take Aydin on a journey of enlightenment. Aydin finds himself on a breath-taking ride across and up the skies to a world he could never have imagined existed. There are seven levels to God’s Headquarters Ridz tells him and if Aydin had any doubts about this, what this glorious being is telling him is just the tip of the iceberg. Aydin is whisked to the start of the level process, Zoology, where he learns about the delicate Balance of Life and all its mechanisms. There’s “drive libraries” and control desks, containing what proves to be a multitude of dimensions erstwhile unknown to humankind. He encounters a humanoid and dinosaur hybrid equipped with hundreds of unique designs. Hybz, the Li-Bot in charge of hybrid life forms, show him a design capable of moving on either two or four legs with equal ease with a skin like a crocodile, horns like rhinos and a face like a dragon. There are 3D creatures with highly evolved telepathic powers who can twist their heads and limbs at 360 degree angles; others can remove or grow limbs at will, swap wings for fins and shoot horns at the speed of light. He marvels at flying horses like unicorns and the Burrower, a mole-human hybrid with highly evolved powers. It’s like living a fairy tale, Aydin marvels. During the Tour of the Levels he realizes that he is the first human being to be granted this journey of passage through the realms of eternity. “Why me,” Aydin asks. The answer is simple: Aydin’s soul is pure, the colour of a bright white light giving him almost unlimited access to the levels. The emphasis is on “almost” however. As Aydin transcends levels past the level of light and dark forms and the level with the workings of the universe and its ingredients, he asks to visit the ultimate level for an audience with the Creator. This time it is not to be, Ridz tells him. Work on your already advanced state of purity and return for the ultimate tour. When he awakes the next morning, Aydin knows one thing for certain – a supreme Creator does indeed exist, in the most complex and scientific form beyond any human’s wildest imagination. Will anyone ever believe him?

About the Author

Irfan A. Karowalia is a passionate sci-fi writer and illustrator. He started working on ideas which has occurred to him over the past few years. He loved reading science books, watching science documentaries, exploring about the matters in the universe, humans & other life forms, where they came from and is always curious as to who created everything, why and how is everything created in the first place, and if there is a creator how can we interpret him. He has a very curious, creative and very good observer and can’t stop himself trying to find the purpose of existence of it all. He has authored six novels so far - The Galaxiville: Taken by the Unknown, The Elemental Empires: Arrogance of the Steelon, War of Earth’s Dimensions: Ruling the Light & Dark Worlds, God’s Headquarter: How Is Everything Created?, God’s Headquarter: Alien Park and The Moonians: Conquering Earth by Enslaving Humans.