Analog Mazes

Book 1

by Jonathan Graf



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/02/2024

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 110
ISBN : 9798369416730

About the Book

Mazes are a great way to keep the mind sharp. They help with problem solving and planning. Solving mazes boosts confidence and self-esteem. They help with developing or maintaining fine motor skills. Solving mazes may help improve memory, emotional regulation, and are a great mindfulness strategy. This book includes a variety of mazes that start easy and progressively get more difficult.

Each dab, smear, wavy line, or other minor imperfection is a reminder the mazes are hand-drawn using pencil, paper, and inks. No technology was used in the creation of the mazes. They all came from the mind of the maze maker drawn by hand. There is a warmth to analog and value in testing your wits with a puzzle maker working ways to stump even the best puzzle solvers. Get lost finding your way out.

About the Author

Jonathan Graf is the maker of Analog Mazes. He began drawing mazes before he could read. Drawing helped him focus throughout school and college and into his career as an Independent Behavior Professional helping children and adults with developmental disabilities thrive in their communities.

His mazes are featured weekly in the local newspaper, and they are found in local galleries, magazines, holiday and festival guides, business logos, and merch for businesses and nonprofits.

Jonathan’s maze art has been featured in the Art Collab Project, and the anthologies Maze2020 and Maze2021. He has participated in art collaborations with other artists and maze makers. You can find his portfolio on his website and on Instagram.