Protecting Your Work from Copyright Infringement

The publishing world can be as scary as it is wonderful, with threats like plagiarism and piracy. As soon as you type "The End," spare yourself the headache and immediately take measures to safeguard your book from copyright infringement.

Luckily for you, we offer a two-pronged defense with our U.S. Copyright Registration and Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) services.* Read on to learn more about each service.

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U.S. Copyright Registration

Did you know that under U.S. copyright law, your work is automatically protected? Copyright is based on your creative authorship and independent of any formal agreement with a book publisher or self-publishing company.

Even so, Copyright Registration can give you more security and confidence since your authorship would be on public record. While you're protected from the moment you start writing, you'll have to register your work with the Copyright Office to be officially recognized as the copyright holder in a court of law.

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Library of Congress Control Number

The LCCN is the serially-based system of numbering and cataloging records of the country's oldest federal cultural institution. The number itself makes your book searchable across more than 9,000 U.S. libraries. The more times your book is acquired, the more recognition your name and work get.

If your work's under 50 pages and not a children's book, or if it's transitory or consumable like a coloring book, comic book, or cut-out book, tough luck. The Library of Congress does have the right to refuse cataloging a title, especially when it falls under any of those categories.

Even so, having an LCCN holds a place for your book to be processed by the Library of Congress, book vendors, and libraries. It's a foot in the door to recognition and legitimacy.

We'll complete all the necessary forms and send a copy of your book to the U.S. Copyright Office as well as the Library of Congress. Once the government has processed your application, the copyright registration is sent directly to you. Your own unique LCCN will be assigned to your book during the publishing process, and will be included on the copyright page in your book.

At Xlibris, we understand the amount of work you've put into your book publishing project. With these registration services, we can help you ensure that you retain all rights to the contents of your book.

*Some publishing packages already include these services. You'll need to purchase each service separately if you choose the BW/FC Basic Packages, FC Professional Package, FC Custom Package, BW/FC Christian Packages, BW/FC Poetry Packages, BW Scifi Packages, BW Romance Debut Package, or FC Children's Book Packages.