Data Entry Services

$4.50 per Page

As a leader in digital technology, Xlibris has developed a Data Entry service to assist authors who do not have their manuscripts in electronic format. The goal of the Data Entry process is to provide authors with a reliable, fast, and inexpensive service to convert their paper manuscript into a digital format. Our process provides a high degree of accuracy for an incomparable price.

The Data Entry service costs $4.50 per page, which is based on a standard font size (12 pt.), double-spaced manuscript.

Here’s how it works:

  • Submit a copy of your manuscript to Xlibris for Data Entry. Please do not make any handwritten edits or mark the manuscript in any way. You will have the opportunity to make all edits after the Data Entry has been completed.
  • Xlibris then performs the conversion from paper into a word processing file, reviews the material for data entry errors and does a spell check on entered data.
  • Xlibris then sends you an electronic version of the book by disk or email, with the manuscript saved as an .RTF (Rich Text Format) file and instructions for reviewing the material.
  • You carefully review the file against your original, and have the opportunity to make any final edits or changes to the book file.
  • Return the final manuscript to us and we begin the self-publishing process and turn your manuscript into a published book.

*This service is applicable for typewritten manuscripts only. Authors who have a handwritten manuscript should purchase the Data Entry – Handwritten service.

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