Publicity Plus


Let an expert develop and implement a dynamic, personalized plan to help you get the word out about you and your book. With the Publicity Plus service, you are assigned a literary publicist who will read your book and work with you to launch a 12-week campaign based on your specific goals, needs and strengths.

Your publicist will collaborate with you to determine the best strategies to garner attention for you and your book, and they will engage with key media contacts and relevant social media users and influencers to share your unique message and vision.

Here’s a breakdown of what the Publicity Plus service entails:

  • Your publicist will read your book and set up a conference call with you to discuss your book, goals and ideal target audiences.
  • They will then compose a personalized Strategic Plan that considers your specific needs and includes targeted branding for both you and your book.
    • In the Strategic Plan, your publicist will highlight the tactics and strategies they will employ during your campaign, including the media they will reach out to, the audiences they will target and other ongoing activities they will engage in to promote you and your book.
    • Additionally, your publicist will highlight the tactics you can personally employ to gain attention for your book. These suggestions will be based on what you’re already doing as well as the areas in which your publicist sees opportunities for growth and development.
    • The publicist will also provide suggestions for other Trafford services that may be beneficial to you and your book marketing efforts.
  • Publicity Plus outreach:
    • Prepare a press release that your publicist will distribute to at least 1,000 media outlets chosen based on your book, areas of expertise or knowledge and personal goals.
    • Work toward securing publicity opportunities through traditional media outreach and social media outreach that may include online media outlets, blogs, podcasts, social media pages, digital book reviews, newspapers, magazines, or even radio or television broadcasts.
    • Exclusively with the Publicity campaign, your publicist will also reach out to targeted professional podcast shows.
    • Craft custom, creative pitches for the targeted media described in your Strategic Plan and then pitch you and your book to professionals to potentially earn opportunities such as interviews, book reviews, contributor articles and beyond with reporters, reviewers, editors, bloggers, social media influencers, producers and more.
  • Throughout your campaign, your publicist will provide you with a launch report a week after the campaign launches as well as weekly communication on their progress and campaign efforts and ensure your campaign is as successful as possible. Upon completion, you will receive a report summarizing the entire campaign.

Put your new book in the hands of a professional who will take your message directly to key media and influencers to generate awareness for you and your book and help you accomplish your goals!

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