Kirkus Indie Book Reviews

Book reviews are an indispensable tool for every author. By getting a Kirkus Indie review, you are assured that your book will be in the hands of experienced critics that include professional writers, journalists, and academics from a variety of fields.

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Kirkus Indie Book Review

Kirkus Indie Book Reviews: Your Book Reviewed by the Experts

Where have you seen Kirkus before? Maybe it was on the back cover of a book or on the pages of a newspaper or website, where they were either making a recommendation or saying something about the content, style, and merits of a book.

But who are they exactly, and what do they have to do with book reviews? Today, we’re answering five common questions asked about them and book reviews.

    1. First things first. Why should I get my book reviewed?
      • So you can get a professional analysis of your book's strengths and areas for improvement
      • So you can test the waters (and get a preview of what readers will think) while giving your book additional exposure and visibility
    2. Who is Kirkus Reviews?
      Touted as ‘the world's toughest critic’, Kirkus maintains one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery, reviewing 10,000 books a year.
    3. Who is Kirkus Indie?
      Kirkus Indie was founded in 2005 by Kirkus Reviews to cater to a then-budding industry—self-publishing. It continues to be the industry’s leading source of professional book reviews.
    4. How can I benefit from this service?
      There are three advantages to getting your book reviewed by professional critics.
      • Access to an Efficient and Reputable Book Review Service
        Your book will be reviewed by experts in just a few short weeks.
      • An Unbiased Critique of Your Work
        You get an honest and unbiased assessment of your book that can be positive, negative, or somewhere in between.
      • A Stamp of Credibility
        Should you get a positive review, you can add credibility to both your work and your reputation as an author by including colourful extracts on the most visible part of your book, its cover.
    5. What if I don’t get a good review?
      Your book will undergo an honest, unbiased, and professional critique. Therefore, we cannot ensure that the review will be positive. Should you find it unfavourable, you may choose not to share it. But did you know that you can still benefit from it?

You can still . . .

  • Get insights from experienced professionals who have a wealth of experience
  • Work on areas in your book that need improvement
  • Pick up pointers on how to work on your book’s marketability

Our Kirkus Indie Book Packages

If you’re interested in getting your work evaluated by Kirkus Indie, see what you’ll get with our Kirkus Basic package:


  • Kirkus Standard Review
  • A listing in the Kirkus catalogue (1 out of 8 slots)
  • An ad featured in the Kirkus Magazine (1 out of 8 slots)

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