Online Booksellers Advertising

Want to cover a lot of book marketing ground? With our new service, you can now reach both your regular reading audience and industry stakeholders in just one go. Find out how we can help you advertise your book with two established names in bookselling. Check out the infographic or read the transcript below it.


Reach Out to All Types of Book Buyers

The marketing campaigns you launch depend on the types of customers you are reaching out to. In the publishing world, there are two general types of book buyers: your individual readers and the industry stakeholders a.k.a. decision makers. How different are these audiences? Think of them this way:

  • Library visitors vs. librarians
  • Bookstore buyers vs. bookstore owners
  • Those who buy single copies vs. those who buy in bulk

Both are equally important markets you should tap into if you want to establish and grow your readership. The question is, how do you get your book in front of them in a cost-efficient but comprehensive way?

A Campaign for Both Markets

Our new service allows you to reach out to both types of audience in just one campaign. We’ve partnered with two established and reputable booksellers in the industry—Amazon and Ingram—to launch an online banner ad campaign for your book. This means you’ll benefit from:

  • Targeted Marketing

Virtually every visitor on these websites are buyers looking for the latest titles to add to their to-read list or book catalogue, allowing you to reach out to the right audience.

  • 24/7 Promotions

Online banner ads can be viewed by millions of people anytime, anywhere—as long as they’re connected to the internet.

Two Bookselling Giants

Sounds like something you’ll want for your book? Let’s get to know Amazon and Ingram a little bit more.


One of the world’s largest online retailers

  • Subscribers: readers and book buyers
  • Over 310 million users*
  • 2.64 billion visitors in a month*

Ingram’s ipage

Easy-to-use search and book-ordering platform

  • Subscribers: librarians, retailers, booksellers
  • Over 50,000 users
  • 13,000 unique visitors in a day*

*As of 2018

The Xlibris Online Booksellers Advertising Service

Advertise your book on both Amazon and Ingram’s ipage with our Online Booksellers Advertising service. This covers ad creation, setup, and management on both Amazon (with up to 500,000 guaranteed ad impressions) and Ingram’s ipage (single-slot ad in a special landing page with 11 other titles for two weeks).

Call your marketing consultant to learn more about this service or to sign up.