Romance Listing on Digital Book Today

Marketing your romance book in today’s digital era calls for establishing your online presence. Spread more love and reach more romance booklovers by promoting your book through an online banner on Digital Book Today.

About Digital Book Today:

Digital Book Today, founded in 2009, is a reputable book-listing website devoted to books in digital format. The website is run by a group of contributors comprising book industry experts and serious bookworms.

By listing your book in Digital Book Today’s romance page, you can connect with the website’s huge following. As of May 2015, Digital Book Today generates:

  • 20,000 to 24,000 visits per week
  • 80,000 to 110,000 visits per month (40,000 of which are romance book enthusiasts)
  • 205,000 to 265,000 clicks into Amazon per month

To date, Digital Book Today has a daily e-mail subscriber list of more than 13,800 and has amassed more than 32,000 Facebook Likes.

If you purchase the Romance Debut, you get:

  • A 28-day promotional listing of your title’s e-book format on the romance page of Digital Book Today. The listing includes your book cover, title, Amazon rating, and genre which will be linked to your e-book (Kindle) page on
  • Three (3) dedicated blog posts on Digital Book Today’s home page featuring all the books for the ad period
  • Digital Book Today’s dedicated blogs posted on the publication’s official Facebook page
  • A URL of the promotional listing, including the date and time when your blog posts will be launched, on Digital Book Today’s home page