20 Simple Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

The Life Blood Of Your Business

by Midas Franklin



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Language : English
Publication Date : 26/11/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 73
ISBN : 9781479743971

About the Book

Take an inside look into the mind of a successful real estate investor. More than just a system, this book lays out for you in simple to understand language the philosophy of what a successful real estate business looks like. Learn the most effective online & offline techniques to generate customers for your real estate investing business. Some of these are even free (like modern social media) and most can be used very inexpensively if properly implemented. • Discover the three key principles you must incorporate into the very fiber of your real estate business in order to be considered an industry leader and gain the trust and business of your potential customers. If done daily and with sincerity, you can’t go wrong and your success will be all but assured. • Learn some common mistakes made by real estate investors and what to do to avoid making them yourself. • Discover the three basic fundamentals of maintaining your lead flow for your real estate business. • Learn what is ‘Cost Benefit Analysis’ and why it should be of interest to you? • Discover the three basic steps involved in effective lead generation. • Learn the single most critical activity you need to do to generate ‘targeted’ leads for your real estate business. • Discover the ‘Laws of Online Lead Generation’ I have refined these lead generation strategies and my business philosophy over the last 30 years of business. I use these tactics on a daily basis in my business and I teach them to my students.

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