by Debbie-Ann Lawrence



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Language : English
Publication Date : 17/06/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 343
ISBN : 9781483637068

About the Book

"Thank you for writing this book ..." Overseer of Pastors & Pastor-Pastor Kenneth Ferguson "I am very impressed and I'm really enjoying it. This book is to be reckoned with. "- Mrs Gwen Jones, RN "I started reading your book and I am so blessed, I am also sharing it with my husband and he is so excited. I bought and sent several copies of the books to people I know will appreciate it. "-Mrs Lorna Carke, RN & Supervisor (Retired) "Thanks for the wonderful book ..." - Mrs. Patricia Middleton, RN, MBA, MHSA, CNOR "I think it's really inspiring and useful, especially how you have the" 40 days " plan. It is an amazing concept and I found it easy to follow and something that would appeal, in my opinion, to a large group of people. Early in the book, your personal stories are pretty amazing, too. " - Attorney and Professor M. Mooney

This book "The Year of Delivery: 40 days Development" is to encourage the seeds of greatness within every individual, business and ministry. Specifically, a 40-day plan is designed for the reader. The plan consists of daily prayers, decrees and business strategies and sports strategies. It also has a personal inventory and stress chart geared to helping the reader identify and organize events and instances where they felt pain or had experiences that might be required by your doctor, counselor or other support partners / accountability at a later time. Moreover, the reader is encouraged to plan their day, finance, fitness and business consistently within the 40 days. Also, the reader uses this personal inventory and chart to help control and modify stress within different areas within their lives.

About the Author

Dr. William Hill is a native of Atlanta and resides in the metropolitan Atlanta area with his lovely wife Angela. They have two children and three grandchildren. He serves as the Executive Director of the Higher Living Community Impact Center a non-profit faith-based organization which provides holistic programs and services to empower people for greatness through Christ. He has been uniquely gifted by the Lord in the areas of encouragement and exhortation. He specializes in strengthening families, pastoral care outreach, and providing community solutions through multi-cultural collaborations. He is an ordained minister and elder serving under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Andre Landers at Higher Living Christian Church in Hampton, Ga. He has been a featured guest on many local and national television and radio programs such as TV-57 Atlanta Live, Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, and TBN. He is also the CEO of Market Place Ministries, Inc a ministry consulting firm specializing in innovative ministry marketing concepts and community development endowments. His greatest joy is seeing lives changed through the transformative power of Jesus Christ and the guiding wisdom of the Holy Spirit. For book signings, ministry consultations, and motivational speaking engagements you may contact Dr. Hill at: william hill hill Email: 404-386-9934