My Dog Is the Best Person I Know

Children’s Colorful Views of Their Four-Legged Friends

by David Heller; Carey Heller



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/02/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781503543904

About the Book

“My Dog Is the Best Person I Know” is an outrageously funny and heartwarming look into children’s relationships with their four-legged canine family members. In the way that only brighteyed, perceptive youngsters can do, children from four to thirteen describe in hilarious fashion what a dog’s personality is like and how the four-legged set fits into the fabric of family life, while occasionally tearing apart the fabric of the family sofa! In this wonderful collection, the children address such appealing topics as the history of how dogs got to be domesticated, what makes dogs so lovable, a candid comparison of dogs versus cats, what benefits dogs and people derive from living together, what dogs would say about the people in their lives, the personal comments veterinarians offer to dogs when patient and doctor are alone, how to show love to your dog, and why indeed a dog can aptly be called “man’s best friend.” Here are a few choice examples: “Dogs used to travel in packs, until one day they saw a person’s home and thought it was a bed-and-breakfast for dogs!” (Dan, age 11) “Nowadays, all dogs want better food—like filet mignon!” (Jared, age 13) “Who else but a dog would be sloppy enough to want to be close to a man?” (Emily, age 11) “Dogs are man’s best friend because dogs are color-blind and so they love all the people exactly the same.” (Alyssa, age 11)

About the Author

David Heller, PhD, is the author of twenty-seven prior books, including the recent The Soul of a Relationship, A Grownup’s Guide to Living a Young-at-Heart Life, People Go Crazy Over Love Like Bees Go Wild Over Honey!, and The 200 Most Important Things Kids Need to Know About Life, along with Jared Heller. He graduated with highest honors from Harvard and received his doctorate from the University of Michigan. He lives near Boston. Carey A. Heller, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist in Bethesda, Maryland. He works primarily with children and teens, providing individual therapy and assessment services. He specializes in evaluating and treating ADHD, executive functioning issues, and learning disabilities. He has previously authored A Do-It Yourselfer’s Guide to Time Management and Organizational Skills for Students of All Ages: A Brief Guide for Children and Teens with Easy to Implement Strategies for Success. Dr. Heller attended Muhlenberg College and received his doctorate from George Washington University. Carey Heller also has a miniature Goldendoodle, Sunny, who is also a therapy dog and part-time member of his practice. She assists in his clinical work.