Anomalies, God and The Multiverse

by Mary Quijano



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/10/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 366
ISBN : 9781796063233

About the Book

Anomalies, God and the Multiverse is a journey of discovery and spiritual growth, as the female heroine moves through six parallel universes on a quest to prove the existence of a divine creator of the universe. It begins in our own world, with a science teacher trying to demonstrate to her students that it is the inexplicable anomalies in nature that support the reality of God. When personal ruin ends her pursuit, she finds herself awakening in a strange parallel world with its own spiritual beliefs and challenges, and later in another and another, each very different yet with their own similar truths. Ultimately she enters the ongoing moment of creation, a universe of music and light, and experiences a direct communion with God. Anomalies serves as a metaphor for the soul’s journey in its quest for spiritual perfection, its desire to return to the Creator from which it came.

About the Author

I am the byproduct of life spent during an interesting time. In college during the sixties, I was involved in anti-Vietnam war marches and protests, and was an outspoken voice for both environmental responsibility and the civil rights movement. As a result, I began to believe that the ultimate solution to all the problems we faced was to increase spiritual awareness and responsibility, both in myself and others. This took me on a number of fascinating paths in my study and pursuit of various diverse religious philosophies. I became a teacher at age forty, and continued in this career over 31 years. Throughout this time I have continued to pursue my passion for writing, with 4 short stories and 8 novels to my credit – all towards the goal of evoking spiritual enlightenment. I regularly post such insights on my Facebook website Metaphysical and Spiritual Writings.