Enhanced Metadata Listing

What Is Book Metadata?

Book metadata details are the information librarians, booksellers, and readers use to search for new titles online or within a database like iPage or on sites like Amazon. It usually contains your author and book information, BISAC categories, associated keywords, keynote, and more. When customers search on retail sites like Amazon, millions of book metadata are crawled and matched to generate the search results list.

Here are some useful tips and suggestions on how to create your book's metadata before publication.

What Is Book Metadata Optimization?

Optimization enhances your book's metadata and keywords to make it more discoverable by potential readers. It can benefit authors by increasing their book's visibility and potentially attracting more readers.

How Does Xlibris' Enhanced Metadata Listing Work?

An Xlibris UK specialist will enhance your book metadata by using relevant and competitive keywords and refining the target audience and genre category to help it be more discoverable online.

Note: This service won't provide significant text or content changes to your book information. This also doesn't guarantee a first-page placement in search engines or online retail stores.